The September New Moon in Virgo

What does the New Moon represent?

The New Moon in Virgo peaks on September 6, 2021.

The New Moons always represent the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It is a time when the energy folds inward. We can use this flow of energy to withdraw within ourselves, to reflect, but also to think about what we wish to attract into our lives.

Under the September New Moon we may feel a bit scattered but if we use this flow of inner energy we will feel more grounded and present under the onset of this new lunar cycle.

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine new lunar energy flowing into your being. See her travel from head to toe. Feel this cool lunar current guiding you on this inner journey, so that you can feel where you are and where you want to go.

Under a New Moon, the sky is dark, which symbolizes two things: ignorance of what is to come and acceptance during a time of darkness and uncertainty. This darkness also symbolizes the urge to go inside and withdraw from the stimulus of the bright outside world.

But the dark night sky is also a symbol of potential. It’s a blank canvas, an open slate just begging to be filled with your inspiration. When the night is dark and the sky is moonless, we have the power to create and plant our seeds of intention for the cycle to come.

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The energy of this New Moon

The energy will be everywhere with this New Moon. We will want to seek adventure, try new things and create productive changes in our lives. We will be made to think that now is the time to do things differently or maybe to try something new.

There is a sense of adventure around this New Moon, but there is also a deeper energy at play, guiding us to connect with our inner child and think about our generational or ancestral wounds.

There is an energy offered under this New Moon in Virgo, which guides us to explore the habits, beliefs or attitudes that we have gathered since our childhood and which no longer serve us.

There is an energy that guides us to heal ancestral or generational wounds. These are wounds which are not of this life but which are inherited both from our earthly family and from our soul family. These injuries can also be related to the Earth we choose to reside on.

This energy is deep and the work is not easy, but it is triggered by the asteroid Nessus, which is very active under the energy of this New Moon.

With Nessus involved, we are called to break generational cycles that may not have been our fault, but which we have the power to end.

Under this energy, we can also be called to look at the wounds of our childhood and to be aware of how they are manifested in our present reality.

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Is it time to break the chain and try something new?

It takes a lot of awareness to identify childhood patterns and ancestral wounds. But if you feel called upon to do this work, you may find that this New Moon creates a certain ease and allows the healing process to be more natural.

If you have been working on these areas of your life for some time, you may also find under this New Moon a powerful portal of healing and transcendence for you.

Using the energy of the New Moon

As the New Moons are a time to call things, you can use this energy to journal, meditate, and delve deeper into your blockages and legacies, allowing you to become aware of their presence in your life.

Sometimes just realizing these things can gently pave the way for healing. We are unlikely to have all the answers, but by just realizing that we can already begin to make healing changes.

As always, there is a ritual to follow to help facilitate and guide you through this process.

Overall, the Virgo New Moon sends out mixed waves of energy that can wake up old wounds but also inspire us to try new things. It seems that these two manifestations are on opposite ends of the spectrum, which is also why this New Moon energy is made up and down.

We may feel like we are on a swing or swinging from side to side. Emotionally, we can feel scattered or even overwhelmed.

But remember the anchor force of Virgo energy that this New Moon holds. Virgo is the sign of wholeness and completion.

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It represents knowing that we are always whole. We are the entire Universe manifested in a human shell. We are complete and we do not need anything outside of ourselves to connect with this powerful reservoir of energy that lives within.

Virgo energy teaches us that we are Source, we are the Universe, we are One. When we are able to recognize it, we can connect with the power that comes with it.

We can find our personal power and know that no storm is ever too difficult to weather.

So, sink your feet into the Earth. Allow yourself to feel connected to the energy from Home within you and all around you. Let this connection trigger your innate power. Know that you are whole.

Ride the waves of the New Moon in Virgo. Use them to bring new energy into your life, but also to break all the generational cycles that no longer need to be active.

It’s a big undertaking, but this New Moon energy will be your guide, taking you one small step or one giant leap. No effort will be in vain. Any effort will be celebrated by those who have gone before you and those who will continue after you have left this earthly world.

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