Astrological portrait of Virgo ascending Cancer

Virgo Ascendant Cancer Character Traits

You are hypersensitive and can be easily influenced by outdoor environments; you have trouble coping with your emotions. Nervousness, anxiety and stress are your daily bread, so you find it difficult to take a step back from your feelings. Introverted and self-conscious, the dream you had when you were a teenager was “one home, one heart”. Even though you often deny yourself this and sometimes tend to be cold and distant, you are very sentimental. You need to be in confidence, to feel good in order to reach out to others and discuss. Once reassured, relaxed the Ascendant Cancer Virgo is sympathetic, warm. His friend does not come who wants, he has draconian criteria in terms of friendship, which makes him elitist and prone to prejudices.

Virgo Ascendant Cancer and Love

You claim stability, harmony, tranquility, you have a frank fear of rupture and suffering, rather than endure disappointment, you prefer not to invest yourself in a story, or to remain single.

In a Relationship, you are affectionate, attentive, considerate, you know how to be accommodating and you make many concessions in order to preserve your life balance. The Ascendant Cancer Virgo needs to build a cozy nest where he can « coo » quietly. He doesn’t get involved lightly and marriage is very important to him.

Virgo Ascendant Cancer and Labor

Despite a lack of confidence, a lack of ambition, you have good work potential. You have a good sense of analysis, of observation, which allows you to perform well. You don’t like the unexpected, you need stability and balance. You avoid the conflicts, the oppositions which destabilize and disturb you. Of a creative kind, the ascendant Virgo Cancer is constantly in turmoil and he multiplies the projects. His professional path is coherent and stable, it evolves according to events and meetings.

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Virgo Ascendant Cancer and Health

Sensitive to the external environments, to the situations, to the events which you go through influence your psychological and physical state. Your resistance and your morale depend above all on the world in which you operate. Despite this certain fragility and hypersensitivity, Virgo ascendant cancer can be a rock that can face any ordeal.

Some weak points to watch out for in Virgo ascendant cancer

Its weak points are the digestive system, it can be prone to ulcers, liver attacks, heartburn. His nervousness affects his intestines and he can experience intestinal disturbances in times of stress. Very attentive to his diet, he can sometimes start various diets of all kinds. He must ensure that he always has a good balance of life in order to preserve his mind.

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