The stones to wear for the sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius energy

Born in the darkest throes of winter, just before the solstice, it’s no surprise that Sagittarians are a fire sign. With a glow of passion and always ready to spread the warmth of love, Sagittarians are optimistic and generous. They love to travel, experience all of life’s adventures, and have an impeccable sense of humor that keeps them on good terms with friends and family. Curious and always full of energy, Sagittarians run around trying to spread that goodwill and joy to everyone who crosses their path. Sagittarians are the natural benefactors of the world. Despite their need for connection, Sagittarians are also very independent and always seek to chart their own path in life rather than just following the crowd.

Certain gemstones can protect, and help Sagittarians focus a little more, strengthen communication so they can overcome their sometimes brusque honesty. Other stones that allow them to take a moment to pause so they can really reflect on whether saying yes to something is the best course of action for everyone involved. Take a look at these zodiac birthstones made to suit Sagittarians.

Stone #1: turquoise

The shimmering ocean stone of turquoise is a gentle water energy that is always ready to balance the fire element of the sign of Sagittarius. Bringing its soothing touch and deep healing, turquoise helps balance emotions and open the throat chakra so open heart communication can flow. Turquoise also has a strong amplifying quality, which means it can help Sagittarians make the most of their spiritual side and stay open to receive the words and messages the Universe may have to offer. Finally, turquoise brings a harmonizing element that can keep masculine and feminine energies in balance.

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Stone #2: blue topaz

The beautiful December birthstone is known for its flickering blue fire as well as traits of resilience, strength, and generous spirit. Blue Topaz is renowned for its sheer authenticity and its ability to encourage wisdom, truth, and rational thought. Always able to bring Sagittarius’ whirlwind thinking back to basics and instill a sense of strength and harmony, it’s an ideal stone to help overworked Sagittarians welcome some rest into their lives. Blue Topaz is also known to help with communication. Sagittarians sometimes have a tendency to pour out words before they have thought about them and not to call on their inner editor to help them filter out the less diplomatic turns of phrase. Blue Topaz works with the Throat Chakra to ensure communication remains smooth and thoughtful, helping to nurture better relationships, attract love, and be understood with crystal clarity.

Stone #3 amethyst

One of the most popular spiritual stones is amethyst. She helps Sagittarians get out of their heads and into their spiritual space. If given the chance, Sagittarians have abundant spiritual potential and can access higher thought patterns and even form psychic connections. Amethyst works closely with the Crown Chakra to facilitate this grand awakening and put Sagittarius in a good position to welcome cosmic consciousness. Beyond the spiritual element, Amethyst is an incredibly calming stone that will soothe anxious thoughts and feelings that may trouble the archer along the way. Since Sagittarians also have a restless side and are always scanning the horizon for the next experience, Amethyst can serve as a gentle reminder to practice stillness.

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Stone #6: Ruby

The red flame of ruby ​​is splashed with warmth and a mature, deeply passionate energy, which matches the fire element of Sagittarius and keeps winter chills at bay. Ruby is known to help boost motivation, but it can also help Sagittarians keep their goals in a more realistic sphere. While Sagittarians certainly don’t need help setting goals, Ruby will help them by ensuring they keep one foot firmly on the ground. It is also an excellent stone for encouraging confidence, joy and a sense of spontaneity.

Stone #5: beryl

Soothing and gentle, beryl is one of the most soothing stones around. Its gentle nature makes it an ideal match for Sagittarians, who can sometimes come up against the stormy, swirling energy of the god Jupiter. Beryl is one of those stones that open the channels of the body, ensuring that the chakras are open from tip to toe so that gentle energy can flow through. It’s a birthstone talisman for Sagittarians who find themselves out of balance and stuck and can help restore stability even when this fast-paced sign feels on the verge of exhaustion.

Stone #6: lapis lazuli

One of the most mystical stones on our list, Lapis Lazuli brings its deep intuition, third eye connection, and complex self-awareness to the party. As we mentioned, Sagittarians sometimes speak without thinking and say yes to thousands of things without checking their intuition. The purpose of lapis lazuli is to reconnect you to this deep intention and to allow you to check your own level of consciousness at all times. It helps extroverted, thinking Sagittariuses look inward and make sure they’re saying yes from the heart and not out of sheer habit.

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Stone #7: zircon

Sharing the ruling planet Jupiter, zircon’s sparkle and bright white light may seem similar to diamond at first glance, but there are differences. While diamond is more related to ideas and energies of unbreakable force, zircon stands for protection, peace and inner beauty. The element of protection is especially beneficial for Sagittarians who love adventure and tend to venture into the unknown. This stone ensures that these zealous adventurers stay safe and brood in places of peace to balance out all that restless energy. If you want to strengthen the bond between gemstones and Sagittarius, turn to blue zircon. Other stones that provide great protection are tourmaline, obsidian, and pyrite fire.

Stone #8: citrine

Bursting with soft luminosity, citrine is a ray of sunshine and a style element that will help you turn up the volume on your positivity. This brilliant quartz is the perfect choice for winter star signs. Bringing light into the dark and rich in vitamin D for the soul, citrine boosts the already positive power of the Sagittarius sign and keeps it buoyant and imbued with that childlike joy. For an even brighter energy, wear Citrine with the shimmer of Peridot.

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