Astrological sign in August: Decans and dates

The month of August has 2 astrological signs: the Lion and the Virgin.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Leo of the second decan: August 2 – August 12

These second decan Leos can be quite traditional and conservative, at least when it comes to values ​​and beliefs. They have a great spiritual desire for discovery and knowledge. These people can be gamblers in the truest sense of the word – risk takers in every moment of life.

The natives of the 2nd decan of Leo were born for the stage. You will always find them the center of attraction at parties and gatherings. Projectors love them. When people applaud their perfection, it makes them happy. They believe in hope and always have a positive view of the darkest situations.

Third Decan Leo: August 13 – 23

The third decan of Leo is one of the most ambitious and chivalrous of all the decans. Sometimes these people can drive others crazy with their sheer smugness and stubborn refusal to admit a mistake. But they are usually people with hearts of gold, determined to lay their cards on the table and be upfront and honest with the world. There is real motivation in these people, whether it’s obvious or hidden, and their outright optimism can help them get through tough times.

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The 3rd decan of Leo can also spend too much, buying more things than they usually need. They are sweet and kind, most of the time. However, there is always a volcano ready to erupt.

Virgo of the first decan: August 24 – September 3

The first decan of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is the best example of the type of Virgo that seems to lack any clear unifying principle. Virgos of the first decan tend to be discreet, but some are constantly talking and bragging. They tend to be meticulous and tidy, but many flip that idea with their bohemian exterior.

The natives of the first decan of Virgo are among the most generous people, the most caring and the most considerate for the people who are dear to them. Good at communication, they have a good command of their languages ​​and manners. To top it off, they are also very creative.

Astrological calendar for August: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
1st of August Lion 1st decan
August 2nd Lion 2nd decan
August 3 Lion 2nd decan
August 4 Lion 2nd decan
5 August Lion 2nd decan
August 6 Lion 2nd decan
August 7 Lion 2nd decan
August 8 Lion 2nd decan
August 9 Lion 2nd decan
August 10 Lion 2nd decan
August 11 Lion 2nd decan
August 12 Lion 2nd decan
August 13 Lion 3rd decan
August 14 Lion 3rd decan
August 15th Lion 3rd decan
August 16 Lion 3rd decan
August 17 Lion 3rd decan
August 18 Lion 3rd decan
August 19 Lion 3rd decan
20 August Lion 3rd decan
21st of August Lion 3rd decan
August 22 Lion 3rd decan
August 23 Lion 3rd decan
August 24 Virgin 1st decan
August 25 Virgin 1st decan
August 26 Virgin 1st decan
August 27 Virgin 1st decan
August 28 Virgin 1st decan
August 29 Virgin 1st decan
August 30 Virgin 1st decan
August 31 Virgin 1st decan
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