Palmistry: what your palm line reveals in divorce

Divorce and Palmistry

If you’re interested in palmistry, you’ve probably heard of divorce signs in the palms of your hands.

In most cases, one should look for something unusual that could indicate problems in relationships. However, on some hands, even if one has been through a divorce, there is no evidence of it. Not everyone reacts the same way to problems in life, and most of these signs are lines of stress. Moreover, the fact that someone divorces does not mean that it has a significant impact on his life and in his hands.

Traditional signs of divorce

For starters, also remember that the lines on our hands often change. If you have some of these marks, don’t worry, they are not guaranteed signs. Nor are they a certain prediction. You have control over your own destiny, so the marks may have formed based on your past actions. Your future actions are what can change the lines of your palms.

The marriage lines are on the very edge of the palm under the little finger. Usually a separate line shows a long-term union, not necessarily a marriage. Thinner and shorter lines represent a less significant relationship.

The signs of divorce in the lines of the hand

divorce lines

  1. The marriage line that curves down to the line of the heart.
  2. A thin secondary line could be below the main marriage line.
  3. A tension line from the base of the thumb rises to touch it.
  4. Another stress line that reaches the line of the heart shows previous relationship worries, during the union.
  5. Another stress line within the life line can represent loss due to separation or possible divorce.
  6. The line of life takes a turn towards the line of fate. Often the lifeline touches it or has branches pointing towards it
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Another potential sign is when the line of the heart or the line of marriage is shackled or blurred. There may also be other areas of the hand with stress marks like dry skin or small wart-like nodules.

Divorce signs on the marriage line itself

If the marriage line has a fork at the end, it usually represents a split in the union. The fork suggests that there will be a decision about the relationship that can go either way, up or down. Which road are you going to take? A downward curved line shows that the subject is unhappy in the marriage. A suppression line is a bar that crosses the marriage line, it can be with a fork or not. This line suggests that a relationship did not turn into a marriage. It can also suggest divorce, especially if another marriage line is present above.

A fork early in the relationship is not a sign of divorce, but it does suggest that the union may have had a rocky or rocky start.

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