Astrological sign in September: Decans and dates

The month of September has 2 astrological signs: Ihas Virgo and Libra.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Virgo of the first decan: August 24 – September 3

These people can sometimes be very diplomatic, without anyone knowing it. It’s because they know how to find the right words so as not to offend anyone. Sarcasm is their defense tool par excellence, and they lack nothing in this area. The natives of the first decan of Virgo are always ready to learn more and more. They will experiment on their own to learn new things and expand their horizons.

Virgo of the second decan: September 4 – 13

Virgos of the second decan are generally quite materialistic, without much desire for luxury. Security is there, and they have a great capacity for organization in general. They don’t spend the money recklessly. They are responsible and tactful, but can become quite biased and lack perspective. While Saturn enhances the ability to see the big picture and enhances the sense of ambition, this planet also decreases flexibility and adaptability.

Virgo of the third decan: September 14 – 22

Many Virgos of the third decan have an understated but considerable artistic sensibility. Especially when it comes to materials, form, color and shape. They may be amateur painters. Or professionals. Or competent musicians, who gradually acquire the technical mastery of their instrument. They are followers of slowness and learning. They are steady, quiet, and reserved, and usually don’t talk unless they feel it’s important. u style.

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Libra of the first decan: September 23 – October 3

The first decan of Libra, ruled by Venus, are people who need to get in touch with the finer things in life, and they are very aware of all imaginable forms of relationships with their fellow human beings. That said, they can become very unbalanced and quarrelsome at times. This is a big dilemma in the life of Libras of the first decan: when to rely on others, and when to fend for yourself.

September zodiac calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
September 1st Virgin 1st decan
September 2 Virgin 1st decan
September 3 Virgin 1st decan
September 4 Virgin 2nd decan
September 5 Virgin 2nd decan
September 6 Virgin 2nd decan
September 7 Virgin 2nd decan
September 8 Virgin 2nd decan
September 9 Virgin 2nd decan
September 10 Virgin 3rd decan
September 11th Virgin 3rd decan
September 12 Virgin 3rd decan
September 13 Virgin 3rd decan
September 14 Virgin 3rd decan
September 15 Virgin 3rd decan
September 16 Virgin 3rd decan
September 17 Virgin 3rd decan
September 18 Virgin 3rd decan
September 19 Virgin 1st decan
September 20 Virgin 1st decan
September 21 Virgin 1st decan
September 22 Virgin 1st decan
September 23 Balance 1st decan
September 24 Balance 1st decan
September 25 Balance 1st decan
September 26 Balance 1st decan
September 27 Balance 1st decan
September 28 Balance 1st decan
September 29 Balance 1st decan
September 30 Balance 1st decan

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