Cancer Decans: Dates and Differences

Cancer is a star sign for June and a star sign for July.

Cancer first decan: June 21 to July 1

The Moon rules the person born in this decan and makes them receptive and sensitive to others. You are gentle, tender, virtuous, sensitive, sympathetic and altruistic. You seem to be in perpetual inner turmoil. Your mood changes quickly and tends to go to extremes. You run too fast to get the things that turn you on too much. You take a long time to make friends and earn someone’s trust. But once you’ve earned someone’s trust, you invite them into your home and make them feel comfortable. You are very emotional, sensitive, emphatic and you quickly grasp the feelings of others. This quality allows you to put yourself in other people’s shoes and fully feel their emotions and feelings. You seek harmony, stability and security in your relationships. You stay away from quarrels and emotional disturbances, because these things quickly disturb you. You organize things perfectly and bring comfort and security to the people around you.
Your heart is filled with kindness, generosity and compassion. You are very helpful and never say « no » to people who ask you for help. You are therefore a superhero for your friends, your colleagues and your loved ones. You can achieve great success in any field if you put your imagination to work in the right way and if you share your opinions with the people around you without any hesitation. You see deep into human nature. You are very intuitive and can read hidden things as easily as an open book. You can easily find out if someone is lying or in a silent rage.

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Cancer second decan: July 2 to July 12

Pluto rules the person born in this decan and makes them outgoing. You are an emotional, sentimental and sometimes possessive person. Your strong will helps you persist long enough to fully realize the desired benefits and rewards. You are natural planners and schemers. You can sometimes be too discreet. People may think you are mysterious or difficult to know and understand. You just have to trust in your positive potential. Your efficiency at work and in other activities will be improved thanks to your sensitivity. You are sensitive, considerate and caring, which is why your friends and loved ones always enjoy being in your company. You value privacy and become attached to those who do the same. You show your wild side and fulfill some of your unconscious fantasies when you interact with your loved ones. You are very mystical and interested in things unknown and unseen. The people around you and your loved ones are impressed and attracted to your meaning. So they often share their emotions, feelings and secrets with you.

Cancer third decan: July 13 to 22

Neptune rules the person born in this decan and makes them impressionable and romantic in nature. You are very creative and imaginative and excel in a creative process. This ability imbues you with good taste, choice and selection. You are honest in your relationships and rarely pretend to be different from your loved ones. You frequently change your style and outward personality. You are very adaptable and can mingle with all kinds of people. You are very patient and act after analyzing situations from all angles. You are an excellent team worker and excel at working behind the scenes. You are strong and possess emotional stability. Your quality of openness and receptivity is permanently endearing. You are a great entertainer and bring sparkle to all events.

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