Clairvoyance world tour

From cafedomancy to palmistry, there are so many types of divination in the world to discover. Here is a little tour of the world of clairvoyance.

Turkey: coffeedomancy or the art of reading coffee grounds

Coffee lovers rejoice! In Turkey, you can enjoy a delicious Turkish drink and potentially discover your destiny. Dating back to the 16th century, coffee grounds fortune telling is a popular tradition of analyzing leftover coffee at the bottom of your cup after the drink is finished. By looking carefully at coffee color and shapes, we might get a glimpse of our future.

China: physiognomy or the art of reading the future on faces

If you have the chance to visit China, be sure to try physiognomy, which is the art of reading the future from facial features. The seer will inspect every wrinkle, tooth, scar, mole, and line on your face before predicting your future and imparting his wisdom. Traditionally, this technique was used as a natural method to improve the patient’s mental and physical health.

India – Jyotish or the art of reading the stars

Thanks to Jyotish, India, your destiny is written in the stars. Jyotish is a form of astrology that looks at the positioning of stars and planets to determine our past, present and future.

With the help of this mystical cosmic tradition, it is believed to be able to assess our strengths, challenges and improve our lives. Jyotish is very different from western astrology in that the astrological chart of India uses the sidereal zodiac which is based on the fixed and observable positions of the constellations compared to the western interpretation of the tropical zodiac.

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Japan – The Omikuji

Often found in Buddhist shrines and temples, Omikujis are divinations written on strips of paper. After making a small donation, simply choose a numbered stick before retrieving a piece of paper from a numbered drawer corresponding to the stick.

The piece of paper contains a prediction and you will receive a blessing or a curse. Tradition has it that when you receive a negative omen, you fold the piece of paper before attaching it to a pine branch to ward off bad luck. Those who are lucky enough to receive a positive prediction must carry their piece of paper with them for good luck.

Greece – Palmistry

It is often said that the future is in your hands and this is certainly the case in parts of the world where palmistry is a common practice.

Many believe that reading the lines of the hand dates back to the days of ancient Greece where the parts of the palm and fingers were believed to relate to various gods and goddesses. This art was taken very seriously with many people believing that their hands told the story of their destiny.

Although there are various techniques and methods associated with palmistry, most palmists analyze the lines of the hands that correspond to some aspect of that person’s life. One could thus determine the lifespan, wisdom and love life of a person by looking at his palms.

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