Gemini Decans: Dates and Differences

Gemini is a zodiac sign that is an astro sign for May and an astro sign for June.

Find out which decan you belong to!

Gemini 1st decan: May 21 to 31

Mercury rules the person born in this range and makes them endowed with an important and distinctive intellectual aptitude. You always know what to say and how to say it. Your communication skills are associated with a magnetic charisma that allows you to speak quickly. You are a bright, energetic, alert, logical person, a great observer, an inquisitive researcher and a fast player. You are smart, versatile, creative and want to try everything in life. You can deliver great innovation and great results if you stick with a project long enough to complete it.
You do well in a profession that has a mercurial element, i.e. communication, but you will need to be focused and patient. You are very sensitive to quick-wittedness and enthusiasm and you have a great sense of humor. You have childish qualities and tend to look younger than your actual age. So you have lots of friends and are very popular at social gatherings.

Gemini 2nd decan: June 1 to 10

Venus rules the person born in this range and makes them more inclined to “me too” than to “I am”. Interpersonal relationships are very important to you and you will cultivate them for some time. Indeed, these relationships can make or break your life. You are always eager to meet new people and are empathetic and sociable. You get everything you really want with your natural charm and charisma. You are a very creative, intelligent, focused and shrewd mind, and possess good communication skills. Therefore, you can create great success in various fields. You have a constant need for variety and you often get impatient when you have to do repetitive or identical things for a long period of time.
You can be fickle in your love life and get married at an advanced age due to the fickleness of your emotional nature. Your friends and those around you find you attractive. You enjoy social situations and gatherings. You are a perfect host when you organize social events or parties, because you know how to put people at ease. You are a good conversationalist in a crowd or group, as well as one-on-one. The twins’ split personality makes you focused at times and distracted by scattered thoughts at other times. You like to travel because it gives you the opportunity to discover and experience new things and places.

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Gemini 3rd decan: June 11 to 20

Uranus rules the person born in this range and makes them gifted with concepts and ideas. You have an optimistic outlook on most things in life, and you view each new day as exciting and full of adventure. You are a free bird who loves adventurous journeys to explore new situations. This is due to your unconventional outlook and brilliant mind. You are very flexible in your thoughts and always welcome new ideas, thoughts and interests. You have an active mind and are always looking for ways to do things that are totally different from others. You have too many interests at once and get involved in all activities. As a result, you are often distracted or lose interest in things and activities undertaken. Your attitude is friendly and sociable.
You are powerful and therefore can face all fierce and difficult situations and problems. You are very daring to go against the odds and to walk fearlessly down paths where others dare not tread.

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