How to create a pleasant outdoor space?

You are lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace, but you don’t really know how to put them in the spotlight? There are many tips to beautify an exterior and give character to your property. Create a patio, flower a palisade or opt for a welcoming relaxation area! It is very easy to enhance your outdoor space, here are some tips.

A nice view with discretion

What’s the point of having a beautiful exterior if you can’t enjoy it without being disturbed by the neighborhood? There is a wide choice of PVC fences to successfully create a cozy and intimate space. Adapt the fence according to the atmosphere you want to give to your garden or on your terrace. For an authentic style, for example, select an imitation wood PVC fence which gives a very realistic impression without having to worry about the maintenance of a wooden fence. If the neighborhood is not too close and you want to enjoy a nice panorama, opt for a screen or openwork fence.

pvc fence

Create a link between the garden and the interior

This will give unity to your home and make you want to take full advantage of the outdoor space. If your living space has a door to the outside or bay windows, find a unit between the two spaces. For enjoy your garden longer, install a wooden terrace: so even if the rainy days come to punctuate the season, you can always enjoy this space as soon as the sun returns. In addition, this avoids creating too great a break between the exterior and the interior. By furnishing your terrace with attractive furniture, adapted plants and a screen if the vis-à-vis is too important, you will provide a pleasant view from your living room. You can also shade it with a motorized awning.

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The veranda : an extra room

If you have a large garden, you can decide to devote part of it to the installation of a veranda. It’s a very pleasant way to enjoy the view of your garden while creating a space inside. There exists a wide variety of verandas with different shapes or a level of insulation high enough to withstand the negative temperatures of winter. Open the bay windows in summer for lunch, you will have the impression of taking full advantage of your garden while benefiting from the comfort of an interior and being protected from strong sunshine or rain.

A welcoming relaxation area

What if you set up a space to relax? In the veranda or under a porch, you can place a comfortable outdoor sofa, pouffes where you come to curl up or even a hammock for a nap. It’s a perfect way to connect the two spaces. Consider adding a large number of plants to reduce sound and bring life to your relaxation area. Seeing greenery and plants affects our well-being and is synonymous with benefits for our body.

Protect your space to enjoy it for a long time

There is no point in having a garden if you cannot benefit from it as often as possible. Too hot sun, strong wind and light drizzles are no longer a concern for a space that will have been well protected.

The made-to-measure canvas or the awning

You will enjoy being able to unfold this web for lunch without fear of sunburn. The awning is very practical for creating shade on the terrace. Opt for a pretty pattern or for a plain canvas to give personality to your exterior.

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sun awning

The pergola

For a more durable structure, invest in a velum awning or an elegant pergola. There is a wide variety of models that will adapt perfectly to the style of your home. Opt for a pergola leaning against the facade, with sliding canvas to open and close it when you want. You will enjoy the brightness while being protected from high heat. And for greater innovation, choose a bioclimatic pergola ! It has adjustable slats and a light structure made of aluminium. It is even possible to add an option so that the blades are automatically oriented according to the weather.

Organize your garden and patio

For a garden to be welcoming, it is important to give it a pleasant shape. Take the time to weed your flowerbeds and to plant plants adapted to the hygrometry and the climatic constraints. Diversify the plantations in order to benefit from a flowery or green space during the different months of the year. For winter, opt for plants that are resistant to frost and cold!

Also play on plant heights to give volume to your creation. Climb plants along the palisades, or imagine a plant wall for an impression of profusion that will hide you from the curious. By designing elegant green spaces, you will give character to your property. In the event of a sale, you will be able to negotiate more easily, because a well maintained garden is a real asset for a house or an apartment on the ground floor. If you have the space, why not add an inflatable hot tub or indoor pool? This is an additional opportunity to enjoy the outdoors even in the middle of winter, by immersing yourself in a hot bath to relax.

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Brighten up your outdoor spaces

To enhance an exterior, there’s nothing like skilfully placed lighting. Opt for LED lighting that works with the sun: the torches will light up as soon as night falls. Position them in your flowerbeds or along an aisle to structure your spaces. On the terrace, hang a garland of lanterns for a warm and festive atmosphere. We also like to light a few candles or large lanterns in the summer. The light will be softer and will give a cocooning style to your terrace. And if you have a beautiful majestic tree, this is also an opportunity to highlight so you can admire it in the evening from your living room.

By developing your garden or your terrace, you will sublimate your property and take full advantage of all the outdoor space.

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