The stones to wear for the sign of Pisces

The energy of Pisces

Like the silvery shimmer of a fluttering fish, Pisces know how to go with the flow and dive deep into their emotions. These water signs are the most easy-going of the zodiac. Fluid, adaptable, and endowed with a gentle sense of intuition, Pisces are well equipped to have wonderful relationships in life. Pisces is a zodiac sign that shares the ruling planet Neptune. The sea deity in ancient mythology could withstand great pressure, and just like the vast, swirling ocean, it is linked to imagination, art, music, and dreams.

Pisces are gentle creatures that hold great emotions and empathy in their hearts. They are romantic and mystical. This gentle nature means Pisces are tolerant and truly care for those in their lives. With such attention and an abundance of emotions, there can be sensitivity and sometimes even a sense of overwhelm. Sometimes Pisces can let the weight of emotion pile up too high and it can lead to heaviness of heart or a tendency towards sadness. There is also a slight sense of martyrdom or being stuck or lost in victimhood that sometimes causes Pisces to lose sight of their inner strength and personal courage.

Pisces need healing stones and crystals that nurture that sense of strength, encourage them to use their voices without fear, and set healthy boundaries so some people don’t overstep the mark.

Pisces are always ready to embrace the mighty power of healing gemstones because they are divinely in touch with their own spiritual essence or they just need a little nudge in that direction. As emotional creatures Pisces are connected to intuition and inner wisdom, sometimes they just need a stone to strengthen that connection. This gentle, protective sign could benefit from stones that help them stand more upright in their own power. Pisces would do well to work on unblocking their throat chakra so that they are able to communicate their own truth and stand up for themselves without fearing the consequences of conflict or becoming too absorbed in the needs of others.

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Stone #1: aquamarine

A gemstone steeped in ancient Greek mythology and magic, aquamarine is the perfect birthstone for Pisces as it’s all about embracing the gentle flow and wave of the water element. Always calm, aquamarine encourages the changeable element of Pisces to move fluidly through life rather than stagnate. It also tempers mood swings and strengthens the throat chakra, ensuring Pisces aren’t shy about letting their voice be heard.

This stone is accessible in various shades of blue ranging from light to deep ocean shades. She helps Pisces calibrate their abilities in a modest and lasting way.

Stone #2: Amethyst

This birthstone is one of the most spiritual stones of the lot for Pisces who want to awaken the crown chakra and connect to their higher purpose. Already an incredibly empathetic and sensitive soul, Pisces is well established for connecting to their spiritual side and Amethyst can certainly help nurture that relationship. As Amethyst is also a calming and healing stone of energy, it can also help bring a soothing touch to Pisces who feel lost in the waves of overwhelm and anxiety.

Stone #3: jasper

Red Jasper is one of those joyful healing crystals that works instantly on your base chakras ensuring you stay grounded and grounded. Since Pisces are always floating or seeming to be carried by the water, they sometimes need grounding stones to keep them in touch with their own sense of self. Red Jasper also has powerful protective powers that help shield all of these confident Pisces from any situation where people might try to take advantage of their gentle nature.

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Stone #4: Ruby

A royal stone that radiates heat, the ruby ​​is a lucky stone for all Pisces. Being a fire stone, it balances the water element wonderfully ensuring they have everything they need to inject a little fiery zest when it needs them. Ruby also balances the heart and injects a dose of self-confidence where it is needed most.

Stone #5: jade

Jade shines with its shades of green and is a very generous spirit stone. Connected to the heart chakra, it perfectly complements the character trait of Pisces, who love abundance and are open to trust. It is a gemstone that brings prosperity, health, harmony, and also an unparalleled sense of joy to uplift the spirit of serious Pisces. Jade also urges you to let go of any habits of self-indulgence you may have in your heart and stand firmly on your own two feet.

Stone #6: Blood Stone

The warrior stone ensures that the fine-tempered Pisces find their inner power and are better equipped to defend themselves in life. Sometimes Pisces can be locked into the idea of ​​victimhood and they can cling to stories and bad times that happened in their past. Bloodstone brings strength and inner stature to help people move beyond the limitations of the past and chart a new path to a future where they are the warrior. It also helps keep dreamy Pisces grounded in the here and now.

Stone #7: Lapis Lazuli

The spiritual mysticism of Lapis Lazuli fits perfectly with Pisces who are always in touch with their own sense of spirituality. A stone known for its connection to the third eye chakra, Lapis will increase your wisdom and deepen your intuition. One of Lapis’ other strengths is its connection to the voice and the throat chakra. As Pisces can sometimes struggle to express themselves or feel they have been heard, Lapis Lazuli can tap into that inner voice and invite it to come to the surface without fear of judgment.

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Stone #8: Fluorite

Cool and luminous, Fluorite is another healing stone that has a harmonic connection to the spiritual world. For those looking for a stone that matches that supreme flow, fluorite is here to invite you to let the flow take you. Rainbow Fluorite gets its name from the word Flow which intrinsically corresponds to the easy-going water energy that is sure to carry you to new places and immerse you in healing. For those who sometimes get stuck in intrusive thoughts, Fluorite puts an end to negative thought patterns and instead invites peaceful prosperity and flexibility that doesn’t compromise your own needs.

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