Esteban Frederic invited by Bob Bellanca on BTLV.TV

Clairvoyance show and interview with a psychicc and Bob Bellanca on BTLV

Find the excerpt from the show « Face au Mystery » on the BTLV.TV channel (10-minute extract) with the clairvoyant a psychic, interviewed by Bob Bellanca, following the release of the book:

My Sixth Sense, published by Da Vinci editions in March 2022.

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Summary of the book ????:

Who hasn’t dreamed of being clairvoyant? Who has never wished to have the ability to read the future, or even to converse with missing loved ones? This gift, so special, many people dream of being endowed with it. But, being assailed by flashes, and living, permanently, on the borders of the paranormal can prove to be deeply destabilizing. Seeing since his earliest childhood, a psychicc had to learn very early to live with this gift. It will take him several years to manage to put words to his true nature: he is a clairvoyant and a medium.

And, he discovers himself so different from others, that during his youth, instinctively, he hides his true nature from everyone. This book is a testimony that allows you to discover how a seer manages to tame the power of invisible forces: a source of wonder and dread, for himself, as for others. A biography that reads like a novel. The true story of a man who was distinguished as one of the 10 best clairvoyants in France, from the year 2015.

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