Libra weekly horoscope for the week of June 28 – July 4



This week you will realize how great your friends are.

If you take the time to expand your circle, find your clan, or join like-minded people, the ripple effect in your life could be extraordinarily positive.

This week, you may feel that certain rules are holding you back. Examine these restrictions and see if you are imposing them on yourself! Beware of limiting beliefs that prevent you from fully realizing yourself.



Under the influence of Venus, you will start the week feeling the need for more human interactions. It’s a good time to develop feelings and to let your connection grow. You will certainly have the opportunity to meet someone who will show you new perspectives or make you discover new places. A whole new world awaits you!

You may find it hard to tap into that “butterflies in your stomach” feeling by July 1st. With opposition from Mars in Saturn, you will feel like something is constantly getting in the way of the magic. Fortunately, love will be stronger than anything! The end of the week promises you beautiful and surprising moments of intimacy.



You are in a strong position to start networking this week. Thanks to Venus, your ability to work and make contacts will be enhanced, so you might as well use it. You will learn a lot by spending time with other people in your field. Remember: you are still an eternal student.

As Mars opposes Saturn, you may find it difficult to find inspiration in your work. There is no reason to go through this alone! Working with someone you trust and admire can help you through this time. Rely on others and bet on collaboration.

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