Promote intuition during your draws

Before starting to interpret your draws, it is essential to clear your mind in order to let your intuition come. How? ‘Or’ What ? By focusing all of your attention on your breathing and connecting to your emotions. The idea is to silence the mind and the ego to connect with your heart. The less importance you attach to the thoughts in your mind, the more centered you will be able to be. Let your feelings guide you, rather than trying to analyze everything logically.

Create Sacred Space

To foster intuition during your draws, creating a sacred space for your work is extremely important. Having a space devoted solely to divination helps you improve your concentration. Creating an environment to your liking, with all your tools at your fingertips, will help you feel much more grounded, allowing you to connect to your work mentally and emotionally.

There is no right or wrong way to create your sacred space, as everyone is unique. Just be sure to choose a quiet place, away from noise and prying eyes. You can decorate your space to awaken your senses, with candles, tablecloths and crystals. It’s about creating an environment where you can perform at your best.

It’s just about creating a space with pleasing visuals, to help you access your intuition and tune in to your inner voice.

Try to make your sacred space as quiet and private as possible.

Prepare well


Before starting a draw, I invite you to relax and/or meditate. The calmer your mind and your emotions, the more easily your intuition will express itself. To help clear your mind, there is a very simple technique. Imagine a calm, relaxing and rejuvenating place. It can be a beach, a lake, a forest, a mountain, a clearing. It’s up to you to find your place of refuge, where you feel safe and peaceful.

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Meditation to connect to your intuition

Step One: Find a Quiet Place Where You Will Not Be Disturbed
Step Two: Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your knees.
Step Three: Thank your mind and ask it to calm down for the next few minutes. He can resume his incessant wanderings later.
Step Four: Set your intention for meditation. Let your intuition know that you are here, present and ready to listen without judgment.
Step Five: Focus on your breathing. Don’t try to change your breathing – just observe.
Step Six: Notice how your body feels. If you’re tense or your mind is still active, try using the exhale to release thoughts and tension.
Step Seven: Sit quietly for a few minutes and notice if anything comes to mind – physical sensations, ideas, or hunches.

You can put on music to set the mood, and light candles or incense to relax.

I advise you to clean and shuffle the deck of cards to get a new « reading » each time. Purification of the game can be done with incense smoke, crystals, sunlight or full moon for a full 24 hour cycle. There are many methods for shuffling the cards. Use whichever is easiest for you.

Choose your moment well

Your ability to use your intuition well depends on your physical and mental fitness. For your sixth sense to express itself, your mind must be free from daily problems and relaxed. I advise you to draw the cards rather in the morning and in the evening, before or after your tasks for the day.

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What can block your intuition:

  • thought/mind
  • Fear, worry
  • Desires, expectations
  • Judgments, assumptions

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