How to seduce a Gemini man?

Know the personality of the Gemini man to better seduce him

The native of gemini sign has a personality with well-defined contours that gives us a very distinct portrait: thinker, solitary, energetic. Far from reducing his person to this trio of adjectives, it is nevertheless necessary to understand this qualifying angle of attack in order to better know and understand the Gemini man. The latter never ceases to consider the surrounding world through the prism of the analysis of detail, the intellectualization of everything and the regular criticism of what seems understood by all. In addition, the Gemini man develops a tendency to withdraw and in the rare cases of conversation, his fear of contradiction can invade him to the point of legitimizing both his critical reactivity and his solitary side. Of a fundamentally lively and tonic nature, the Gemini man is attracted to many activities which very often contribute to scattering him. Because, his energy finds it difficult to be compatible with his extreme concern for the little beast: as if the attraction of everything could not systematically support the weight of too analytical reflection.

How to seduce a Gemini man?

In this context, we quickly realize that the native of the sign of Gemini is upset by what crosses him and that this distortion between his vivacity and his intellectualization generates anxiety in him. Therefore, as a suitor, it is better to know that your Gemini needs to be reassured, pampered, pampered as his mother could do. Beyond the cliché, it is quite true that the Gemini man seeks in a woman, or a man, the soul mate who will be closer to the tenderness once lavished by his mother. All the art of your seduction roadmap will be to take your Gemini’s anxiety by the hand to extract it from its withdrawal by valuing its energy on the relationship. Especially since our Gemini man really needs a person who moves him, validates his own energy but brings a bubbling social dimension to it, and above all devoid of complication, of constant analysis, very often a source of anxiety, even sterile.

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Avoid certain pitfalls to better seduce a Gemini man

Thus, in front of him, it is a question of knowingly avoiding certain pitfalls: presenting oneself to him as his antithesis is not a problem, quite the contrary the native of the sign of the sign of the sign of Gemini needs to be extracted from its tensions in order to temper it. It is not a question of wanting to modify it but simply of being able to bring it through the relationship an appeasement, a channeling and a lot of tactile closeness. Because, the Gemini man will be able to give it back to you a hundredfold by not being stingy with compliments and tender, very tactile gestures. On the other hand, know in spite of everything, that the Gemini man develops the tendency to a form of infantile regression: strong in the powerful tender memory of his mother, he tends to fall back into forms of adult caprice. This latent immaturity must therefore be really diverted by a different, more erotic affection, then eradicated in the long term by an adult relationship, of equal to equal, without withdrawal or excessive systematic analysis.

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