Neptune retrograde: it will move!

Neptune enters its annual retrograde from June 25 to December 1, 2021 through the Pisces zodiac.

Retrograde Neptune gives us a total of four retrograde planets, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

With so many planets in retrograde motion, there is a strong focus on revisiting the past, on examining things before moving forward, and on pausing and reflecting.

Considering that we have so much retrograde energy swimming through the cosmos right now, this retrograde of Neptune will be subtle.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, wishes, illusions, but also the higher realms of consciousness and unconditional love.

At lower levels of his energy, Neptune can cause confusion. But when we learn to transcend it, we can tap into a deeper spiritual awareness and feel what it really means to love unconditionally.

Neptune is also the planet of Oneness and if we are open it allows us to feel the truth for ourselves. It makes us feel that we are one great soul, dotted with different bodies.

Neptune wants us to expand our minds beyond the physical and look deeper.

Retrograde Neptune Shatters Illusions

Neptune Retrograde helps shatter all illusions, allowing us to see things for what they really are. When Neptune is on the move, she enjoys looking at the world and seeing all the colors.

However, when Neptune goes into retrograde it becomes a bit more insightful and we are able to see things more definitively.

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Neptune’s demotion can be akin to having backstage tickets to a magic show. Suddenly the smoke and the mirrors are no longer there to distract you and you can see things as they really are.

Neptune asks us to revisit the events that have unfolded in our lives since November 2020 and see if there are any false truths or illusions that need to be shattered.

Neptune Retrograde brings us back to reality

For many of us, the past year has seen changes and upheavals.

Retrograde Neptune can bring us back to reality a bit and help us ground ourselves in the « new reality » that we find ourselves in.

We can also gain new acceptance of the direction of our life and begin to see a way forward.

If you are feeling unsure, Neptune Retrograde is a good time to take stock of where you are at and to focus on how you can begin to take action in any direction you want.

As a guide, start focusing on what is clear to you, rather than what you don’t have, and keep taking steps in that direction.

Retrograde Neptune and Spiritual Growth

Neptune is the planet of spiritual wisdom and understanding. Her energy helps us explore realms beyond this one and delve into what lies behind the veil. By working with its frequency, we can more easily connect with our intuition, dreams, creativity and psychic abilities.

In fact, Neptune Retrograde is a great time to keep a dream journal or to start a new spiritual practice, especially one that is led by your own inner wisdom.

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During a demotion of Neptune, it becomes easier for us to access and connect to our own inner spiritual wisdom. Rather than seeking confirmation from the world around us, we can more easily tap into our own inner resources.

Each of us has a powerful spiritual wisdom and truth that is there to guide us. While we can listen to and learn from the wisdom of others, connecting with our own wisdom can be more powerful, especially during a demotion of Neptune.

Connect with your higher self and your own inner wisdom. Seek advice and answers from within, rather than seeking validation from others.

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