Palmistry: what the lines of the hand reveal for children

Palmistry: the lines of children in the palm of the hand

The lines traditionally called child lines are thin vertical lines from the marriage line on the side of the palm, below the little finger. Most of the time, the lines that represent children are somewhat indistinct, so a keen eye or magnifying glass may be needed to see them.

The way they are observed is by looking at the quality of the lines and if they are present. These lines should ideally be thin and distinct, with no blurred edges, or scars. Without it, it could indicate design issues. If the lines look blurry, the person may be past childbearing age. It can also mean that the person has lost interest in caring for or having children. Remember that these lines can change several times in a lifetime!

What if there are no child rows?

If the lines are missing (or barely visible) on a woman’s hand, it may mean that she has no interest in having a child, nor does she feel close to other people’s children. There may be another underlying reason for this, such as infertility or not having a suitable partner. One can look for other indicators on the palms for clues such as vertical lines on the base of the Mount of Venus.

You should also take note of the person’s age. Is she of childbearing age? If the person is still young, the lines may not have formed yet.

Are the lines of children a reliable indicator?

To show potential children, the line should be clean, with no marks or blurry edges. But are the lines reliable? Not entirely ! Only women give birth, but both sexes can have lines of children.

What if you have a lot of child lines, but you don’t have any children?

If there are a multitude of lines, it could represent a person who is a good mother. It can also represent a mother figure, possibly the grandchildren.

A woman with many lines may never have conceived a child, but she may be a great aunt, for example. She might consider them part of her family.

A teacher, for example, who likes to be with children, can have several lines even if she has no offspring. These lines represent potential, so having many lines of children can represent a very fertile person.

Does age matter for reading lines?

Yes! Age is important for estimating a person’s child rows. Before reading someone’s hand, it must first be ensured that the person is at least of childbearing age. You should also ask if the person has ever had children or grandchildren. For example, a woman in her 50s might no longer display the correct number of child rows because she herself will have no more children. Or, she might be too old to start having it at that age.

The ideal age to read children’s lines is between 25 and 40 years old. If the subject is too young, the lines may still change. A woman over forty is less likely to get pregnant, so the lines are unreliable.

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