Palmistry: what your line of the hand reveals in love

Love: the heart line in palmistry

The heart line (also called the love line) is one of the three main lines of palm reading in palmistry. It is located just above the line of the head starting from the edge of the palm under the little finger, crossing the palm and ending below the middle or index finger or where they meet . The heart line usually shows a person’s attitude towards love. It reveals whether you have deep affection or not, whether your emotion is complicated or simple.

What is a good heart line in love?

In general, if your heart line is deep, clear, curved, unbroken, and extends to the index finger or between the index and middle fingers, you have a good love and emotional life. If there are two or three forks at the end, much better. It shows that you are responsible and generous.

Now let’s take a look at the other things to consider.

If your heart line is short

If your heart line is short (extends only to the middle finger) or absent, it shows that you are self-centered, stubborn and like to act arbitrarily without thinking about the consequences. Thus, you are easily ostracized by people around and you feel lonely. For your love life, it’s not easy either. You are quite introverted and reserved.

If your heart line is very long

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If your heart line is very long, it means you are passionate and fiery.

If the heart line is straight

If your heart line is straight, you may find it difficult to show your emotions. You need to express yourself through deeds and words! Very sensitive, you find it difficult to talk about your sorrows and your wounds and can show egocentricity.

If the heart line is curved

Your sexuality is instinctive and lively.

If the heart line is forked

You show kindness in your relationships.

If the heart line is wavy

It shows that you find it difficult to assume serious relationships and usually have many lovers. You find it difficult to love.

If somewhere on the line there is a knot or a circle

This denotes a tendency to melancholy and depression.

If the heart line is interrupted or has small perpendicular lines

It usually demonstrates an emotional trauma that needs to be resolved.

If the heart line is deep

It denotes sincerity in your feelings.

If the heart line is wide and sharp

This shows you have difficulty committing.

If the heart line is poorly drawn

If your heart line is weak, it shows a certain tendency to superficiality.

Heart line colors

If the heart line is the same color as the rest of the hand

It is harmony in the emotions.

If the heart line is pale and long

It indicates a lack of commitment, you are more into sex than romance.

If the heart line is red

You show possessiveness and jealousy.

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If the heart line is slightly pink.

The feelings are sincere and warm.

How the lines of the heart come together

The line of the heart has a special feature: by looking at how the two hands come together, you can know what your relationships look like and how you function in love.

To do this reading, put your hands together, palms up, and observe them in detail.

At the same height

If when you put your hands together, the first lines are in the same place and totally aligned, it means that your relationships are constant and long-lasting. You are a peaceful and calm person, you like your partner to nurture you and love with him. You are not looking for problems with your partner, you are always looking for solutions. You tend to be more rational than emotional. You are sensitive, you have common sense, you probably choose a partner that others accept or see well for you, because the approval of others is of the utmost importance.

The right line is higher

If when you put your hands together, the line of the right hand is above the line of the left hand, it indicates that you learn very well from your mistakes and that you do not care much about the opinion that the others have of you. You are one of those people who are attracted to older partners and claim to pursue their desires regardless of social norms. You are clearly not interested in following societal standards or meeting the expectations of others. You are looking for the maturity to have a serious relationship.

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The left line is higher

If the left hand line is above the right hand line, it indicates that you are courageous, strong and face challenges without hesitation. Your partners are usually passionate and determined.

You care a lot about looks, but keep in mind that this can lead you to make bad decisions, because as you well know, looks should not be the most important thing in a relationship.

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