Sagittarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility in Love: Personalities

The Cancer woman is influenced by the Moon, while the Sagittarius man is influenced by the planet Jupiter. The Moon is love, instinct, growth and protection. Jupiter is a symbol of optimism, luck, research and knowledge. When both signs focus their attention on a common interest, their collaboration can lead to great results.

Cancer is a water sign, while Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sagittarius wants freedom and independence, while Cancer woman seeks security and stability. Sagittarius is more active and determined to pursue their dreams, Cancer woman gets too carried away with her emotionally unstable disposition. The two don’t always manage to fully understand each other, but when they team up, every dream can come true. Any conflict between them can only be overcome if there is a strong feeling that unites them and allows them to overcome difficulties.

The Sagittarius sign is honest, very direct and, on certain occasions, insensitive; and although Cancer women appreciate honesty and directness, they are very sensitive to criticism.

Sagittarius, on the contrary, is very insensitive. It may happen that by the time he realizes that his frequent criticism is tiring his Cancer partner, it may already be too late to save the relationship. This is because the Cancer woman usually tries to hide her feelings from her Sagittarius partner because she doesn’t want to appear weak to such a strong sign.

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Sagittarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

in love: love and relationships

The degree of compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius is quite low. While Cancer and Sagittarius may experience a strong attraction upon first meeting, the relationship may not be destined to work long term. The Cancer woman is inclined to fall madly in love with the strong character of Sagittarius, but a friendly or professional relationship has more possibilities of working than that of a couple.

For this combination to work, it’s very important for Sagittarius to use diplomacy and for Cancer to stop being so oversensitive to criticism and learn to accept feedback in a more constructive way.

Sagittarius can be very unpredictable, and this is complicated for the Cancer woman, who prefers a reliable and well-structured family and couple life.

It therefore takes some time before the relationship between the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman can evolve into a solid and mature sentimental bond. The two signs in question have many differences in character that negatively condition their coexistence. It is only with great patience that the two lovers will overcome these obstacles and finally realize that they have a lot to learn from each other. Sagittarius is a thrill seeker, constantly in search of emotions, he is ready to take any risk.

The Cancer woman in love, on the other hand, likes to lead a quiet and secure life, spent at home and under the warm protection of family affections. Their way of understanding life is therefore completely different: the Cancer woman is traditionalist and filters everything through her strong emotivity, the Sagittarius man is, on the contrary, more unpredictable and restless. While on the one hand it can be very difficult for Sagittarius to accept the pressure created by the immense emotional flux of the Cancer woman, she can find the frenzy that characterizes the sign of Sagittarius intolerable. The Cancer woman, however, can be a solid point of reference for restless Sagittarius, who, in turn, can stimulate the Cancer woman and push her towards a more exciting and unpredictable life.

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Sagittarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

in love: the challenges

The Sagittarius man in love tends to move easily from one situation to another depending on his mood and his desires. The Cancer woman, however, thanks to her infallible intuition, is always full of new ideas to come up with. She must leave the Sagittarius partner the vital space he needs to best express his potential. The influence of a lover like Sagittarius can be fundamental in teaching the Cancer woman to be less stubborn and more open to other people’s points of view.

The strength of the Cancer-Sagittarius relationship lies in the balance that the two signs can give to the couple, since each has what the other lacks. Once each learns to see things also from the partner’s point of view, an excellent element of communication will be formed within the couple, which will give stability and security to the relationship.

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