Sixth sense: how to discover and develop your intuition?

Who wouldn’t dream of predicting the future? To understand why certain events of the past could have had such an influence on his existence? To know if we will be able to triumph over a present situation that is difficult to live with? Clairvoyance can answer each of these questions and more.

In fact, we constantly appeal to our senses, sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, we use each of them automatically. However, there is a sixth Sense not very common, but some seem to call regularly. An unusual sixth sense, but very useful if you know how to use it. This is what we invite you to discover through this article.

What is the sixth sense?

Let’s start first by defining what is meant by sixth sense, before affirming whether we have it or not. The sixth sense is a capacity for subtle perception, an ability to discern the invisible universe, to understand the influence and causality of multiple events. Some qualify it using terms such as clairvoyance, intuition or even inspiration. It usually manifests in conscious or unconscious premonition or in dreams. In some people, this sixth sense is still much clearer, marked and developed. They have learned to listen to their intuition and know how to recognize it.

In my book My Sixth Sense, I share with you several extrasensory experiences that have been given to me since I became aware of my mediumship gifts.

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Can you hear that little voice inside you? Better, do you manage to silence her? It is this same voice that gives you advice, that tells you to get started or, on the contrary, to take a step back. The one that leads you to take a path where, as if by chance, you will discover the house of your dreams for sale. It is this sudden instinct that drives you to change your habits, upsets the flow of your life and intervenes in your favor.

Discover your sixth sense
Discover your sixth sense

The sixth sense, a faculty of clairvoyance

The sixth sense usually manifests very early in life. The manifestations intensify and reach their climax during the age. In other words, the older you get, the more your sixth sense will refine. You will also gradually discover the support you need to clarify your visions and feelings: oracles, tarot cards, pendulums and other objects.

L’divinatory art may first manifest as premonitory dream, occasional, as was the case for me and becoming more and more regular. For some people, the sixth sense manifests as a voice they hear while they sleep. And this can happen even in broad daylight.

Often it happens that the person enters a state of semi-sleep during which he can see faces or images. From there, you can seek to perfect your gift by giving free consultations.

The sixth sense or intuitive intelligence is comparable to discernment and allows people who possess it to quickly assess a situation and draw a reliable conclusion. It is a form of intelligence that does not appeal to rational thought or reason, we also speak of clairvoyance.

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However, clairvoyance appeals to a subtle sense, in particular sight, to the subtle mind and to the subtle intelligence. It manifests itself in the ability to perceive the invisible world. This is why the sixth sense gives access to the astral universe, to the world of angels, to invisible beings and to reliable predictions in clairvoyance. Thus, by developing your gift of perception, you are likely to possess the faculty of clairvoyance.

Develop and master your sixth sense

Admittedly, everyone can appeal to their intuition at one time or another, but it is not a given to become a professional clairvoyant. Only people who have reliable intuitions and who trust their sixth sense succeed in becoming clairvoyants. For this, they must choose to develop their extrasensory abilities in order to succeed in establishing a clear connection with the invisible and to be able to appeal to their intuitive intelligence.

Indeed, a highly developed sixth sense is manifested by an extrasensory capacity, favorable to a connection with the subtle world. This extraordinary ability will then promote movement in time and space, and allow you to see the past, understand the present and visualize the future. Thus, to make the sixth sense a faculty of clairvoyance, you must make the conscious choice to develop your extrasensory capacity by sharpening your five subtle senses. You will also have to learn how to get reliable answers from the invisible world of angels, spirit guides or other entities imperceptible to ordinary mortals.

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