How much can be withdrawn at the Postal Bank counter?

Faced with an unforeseen expense, you may need to withdraw cash at the counter. But is there a maximum amount? Can a large sum of money be withdrawn from the teller? And what about the ticket machine? In this article, find out what banking regulations say about withdrawing money at the counter. And find out about the practices of your institution before you want to withdraw at the Postal Bank counter.

Can I withdraw a large sum at the counter of the Postal Bank?

For security reasons, banks limit the presence of cash in branch safes. This rarefaction explains the presence of a notice and supposes that the agency has a cash service.

La Banque Postale thus requires that you be notified several days in advance of 800 euros withdrawn when the operation is carried out in an office other than its main branch. The limit is set at 1500 euros in the branch where the account is hosted.

This delay allows the agency to order the necessary funds and to question the client if necessary, when it suspects fraud.

On the other hand, the maximum amount you can withdraw depends on the maximum withdrawal amount provided for in your account agreement.

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To note : today, it is more common to withdraw money from an ATM. Withdrawing cash at the counter is an exceptional troubleshooting procedure. Moreover, some banks have chosen to eliminate the counter. Customers are requested to use the machines made available to them.

How much can you withdraw at the counter? What the law says.

There are banking regulations that depend on the Monetary and Financial Code. In fact, the banks, including the Banque Postale, are required to carry out a careful examination of their customers’ transactions. Thus, an unusual operation such as a large withdrawal of money, represents a reason for information on the destination of the sum. It is imperative that the sum of the withdrawal exceeds 10,000 euros in a single operation or accumulated over a month.

Faced with this situation, the Postal Bank must inform Tracfin. This is the cell attached to Bercy. The government’s objective is to fight against money laundering, tax evasion and the financing of terrorism.

And below the sum of 10,000 euros, the control can be carried out on a case-by-case basis by the Postal Bank, in particular if it suspects embezzlement.

It should be noted that some La Banque Postale branches have chosen to systematize the obligation to issue supporting documents such as quotes or plane tickets, etc. This also caused a controversy and the post offices concerned were pinned down!

In all cases, when you withdraw cash at the Postal Bank counter, you must complete a form with the reference of the account to be debited. The document must be signed by you. And don’t forget to bring your ID. The Banque Postale branch will ask you to present it.

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How much can you withdraw at most from the ATM?

If you do not want to withdraw at the Postal Bank counter but do it yourself from an ATM, be aware that the maximum withdrawal amount depends on your card.

Indeed, all bank cards according to their range have a ceiling. You will find all this information in your bank’s brochure or in the documents provided by the establishment when you send your credit card.

Do I have to pay to withdraw money at the Postal Bank counter?

You will not have any ATM withdrawal fees if you go to the office that manages your account. On the other hand, you may have to pay fees if you go to another agency than yours.

At the Banque Postale, the amount of fees for cash withdrawals is 6 euros.

How do I withdraw money at the Postal Bank counter?

Whether at the Banque Postale or in another establishment, the procedure remains the same. Go to the counter with a valid identity document (national identity card, passport) and your checkbook.

The teller will ask you to fill in a check to your order or to the order of the Banque Postale, with the amount withdrawn from your account.

Then, withdrawal slips are made available to you in the branch. On the document, report the amount you wish to withdraw. And sign it in duplicate. The teller will give you a copy to keep proof of the amount withdrawn.

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Finally, be aware that the bank can also give you a single-use withdrawal card at the counter if you need cash. Withdraw the requested amount from the ATM.

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