The cost of living in Thailand

Are you planning to go to Thailand for a longer or shorter period? Before thinking about leaving, find out about the Thai cost of living. How much should I budget for food and accommodation? And what salary can you expect? We tell you everything about this country which makes you dream but which has very specific particularities. What are the pitfalls to avoid? Follow the guide to expatriate in good conditions.

Food in Thailand, food and restaurants

Eating in a restaurant in Thailand is very inexpensive. A complete mid-range meal for two will only cost you 20 euros. In France, it takes more than double. Even hope to eat a dish in a neighborhood restaurant for only 2 euros.

On the other hand, there are disparities with regard to everyday consumer products. White rice or chicken breast, for example, will cost less in the Asian country than in France. On the other hand, a bottle of milk or a kilo of apples will cost more. Not to mention the bottle of wine. Count twice the price in France for a mid-range bottle of wine.

The price of extras in Thailand

Smokers can rejoice. In Thailand, the price of a pack of cigarettes costs less than three euros. Same observation for beer (33cl). It costs about 3 euros in Thailand, against 5 euros in France.

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To go out on the Thai streets, you don’t need to have a large budget. A cinema ticket, for example, costs twice as much as in France (about 5 euros). If the course in the gym costs the same price in the Asian country as in France, it is not the same for all the extras. The one-hour massage in Thailand remains accessible to all budgets (about 10 euros). In France, it is difficult to find a quality massage for less than 80 euros.

Finally, clothes are also less expensive there. Some Levis type brand jeans can be accessible from 50 euros. But it is especially in Thai stores that we find the cheapest clothes. An unbranded dress will cost no more than 5 euros compared to around twenty euros in France.

The price of the sites to visit also remains modest. Take advantage of low prices to discover museums. It should be noted that the price of major national parks has skyrocketed.

Namely, the price of extras are higher in Bangkok, the capital. To take advantage of the best prices, it is better to move away from the big city.

Accommodation in Thailand, the prices

The price differences between the two countries are also apparent in the area of ​​real estate. In Thailand, rent a new one-bedroom apartment in downtown Bangkok for just 500 euros. In the French capital, it takes more than double.
The average purchase price per square meter is 2200 euros in the Thai capital against more than 5500 euros in Paris.

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Note, the prices of rentals and real estate in Bangkok are higher than in the rest of Thailand. Outside the capital, take advantage of attractive prices.

Work in Thailand, wages

The average salary in Thailand is around 500 euros. Be aware that there are differences between Thai cities. In Bangkok, for example, the average salary is around 670 euros.

Unemployment is almost non-existent in Thailand. French expatriates can exercise a large number of professions. The industrial, medical or hotel sectors recruit foreigners. On the other hand, certain professions are forbidden to people from elsewhere. Impossible for an expatriate to work as a hairdresser, dressmaker or tourist guide.

The cost of living, very attractive in Thailand, allows you to enjoy life and its little pleasures (cultural outings, restaurants, extras, etc.). Working in Thailand remains a good plan, provided you choose your region of expatriation carefully. Indeed, there are large disparities between cities. Avoid the capital as well as certain listed seaside resorts in the South where prices soar.

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Before leaving to live or travel in Thailand, you have to think about the formalities and the Visa

Life in Thailand, as you may have read, is not very expensive and offers remarkable living comfort if we compare this island to other destinations. But you should know that to go to Thailand, vou need documents, visa, and complete a number of formalities before you can leave. Regarding the visa, you should also know that you will not have to make the same requests depending on whether you are going on vacation or whether you want to live there.

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The tourist visa

If you only want to go on vacation in Thailand, you will need a tourist visa. The visa for Thailand to be requested on is issued in fifteen days in general and will begin on the day of your departure. It’s very convenient because you can apply in advance, which is not the case with all countries. The validity period of vOur visa is for 60 days renewable for 30 days, i.e. 90 days in total. If you want to go longer, you will have to opt for a long visa, one year.

Visa to live in Thailand

Thailand has strict immigration rules. It is quite complicated to come and live in the country. Due to the conditions, be aware that you will never be able to obtain a visa for more than 20 years to live in the country. This is the longest visa and it is not for everyone. For a shorter expatriation, it is possible to choose the long visa of 5 years renewable 5 years, which allows you to live for up to 10 years. Note that visas also differ in terms of age, they are not the same authorizations from 50 years old.

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