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Welcome to a one-of-a-kind journey through time and space, into a universe of ancient wisdom where every doubt will find an answer. With the Free Decans Tarots, we offer you the most accurate and personalized Tarot reading you have ever experienced. Let ancient astrological traditions, cultivated over millennia, guide you through a personalized tarot reading, because we know how unique and precious each individual is.

Who am I

Hello, I’m Amy Moreno, a name that resonates with the warmth of my Spanish heritage. I have always been drawn to the fascinating world of astrology and tarot cards. Since childhood, I vividly remember how my mother encouraged me to explore her tarot reading and how I enjoyed giving free tarot readings to anyone who walked through our door. This childhood interest then developed into a real passion: I studied the art of tarot by reading historical masters such as Michael Dummett and Giordano Berti, and I immersed myself in esotericism by following the writings eminent personalities such as Paul Christian. To learn more about me, visit my Facebook page.

How the Free Decans Tarots work

Tarot of the Decans

The Decans, deities of ancient Egyptian culture with the power to influence events, are at the heart of my tarot reading system.

Each Decan was associated with a specific star, a cosmic link that I wished to recreate in my unique tarot reading system. This fusion of astrology and tarot is inspired by the Egyptian roots of tarot, as the great Antoine Court de Gébelin assumed. Whether you’re looking for answers in love, want to know if your partner really loves you, or just looking for a clear and definitive answer, my system is here to help. These tarot cards are completely free, an online portal created to make cartomancy accessible to everyone. Embark on this stellar adventure and find out what tarot has in store for you!

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The Benefits of the Union of Astrology and Tarots

Astrology and tarot cards are two ancient disciplines that help us navigate the mysterious waters of life. But when these two practices come together, they create a synergy that enhances their ability to provide deep insights. Here are some of the benefits of combining astrology and tarot reading:

  • More Complete Answers: Astrology, by studying the positions and movements of the celestial bodies, offers us a global vision of our life and our personality. The tarot cards, on the other hand, give more specific and immediate answers to our questions. By combining them, we will have a complete picture that encompasses both the big picture and the intimate details of our existence.
  • Accuracy of interpretations of tarot readings: Each tarot card corresponds to a planet or a sign of the zodiac. By knowing these correspondences, we can broaden and deepen the meaning of the cards. For example, the meaning of the Hermit, associated with the sign of Virgo, can be interpreted as introspection and a search for inner truth.
  • Improved Self-Knowledge: Both practices guide us towards self-understanding. Astrology helps us discover our strengths and weaknesses, while tarot shows us how we react to current circumstances and how we can better meet future challenges. This union offers a deeper understanding of our inner self and our life journey.
  • Well-defined timeline: Astrology is closely linked to the concept of time, allowing us to spot favorable or unfavorable moments. By combining it with the tarot cards, we can get more precise advice on when to act or when it is better to wait.
  • Spiritual Development: Both disciplines invite us to reflect on existential questions and seek deeper meaning in our lives. This reflection, stimulated by the union of astrology and tarot, can promote our spiritual growth.
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In summary, associating astrology with tarot reading offers a more complete and enriching divinatory experience. This combines the holistic view of astrology with the practical and immediate approach of tarot cards, providing a detailed and personalized course to navigate through life’s journey.

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