Urgent credit: the solutions

One day or another, we all have to face the unexpected. Car to be replaced following an accident, repayment of a debt, health problem, repair work in the house… How then can you pay for an amount that you do not have? Sometimes the only solution is to use express credit. But before taking out a loan in an emergency, you should know a few tips. How to get a loan quickly and without difficulty? What are the different ways to have a reserve of money as soon as possible? Everything you need to know to get cash quickly while not confusing speed with haste.

Loans adapted to emergency situations

First, you should know that all existing loan contracts (personal loan, assigned loan, work loan) can see their processing time shortened.

However, some types of financing are more suitable for urgent expenses. Among them, revolving credit (or revolving credit). This is a quick solution that allows you to avoid delays in processing the file and releasing funds.

Finally, the loan between individuals is one of the alternatives to be exploited in the event of unforeseen expenses following a hazard of life.

All the tips to get a loan quickly

You can apply for an emergency loan from your bank or a lending institution. However, the organization will go through a long list of checks before making a decision.

There are therefore arguments to put forward to be easily loaned money:

  • less than a third of your income is spent on outstanding loan repayments. In this case, it is the ideal solution for applying for credit;
  • you manage your accounts properly. Reassure the establishment about the sound management of your finances;
  • and defend your case by pressing the need to obtain this loan;
  • finally, to put all the chances on your side to obtain a loan as soon as possible, it is judicious to carry out several credit applications simultaneously. If you have several favorable answers, you can choose the loan offer that best meets your expectations.
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Also know that you can use the fast credit simulators available online. They will allow you to obtain all the criteria for applying for an emergency loan: repayment period, rate applied, possibility of early repayment, etc.

How to speed up the credit application?

Reduce delays

Of course, there are legal deadlines governing the obtaining of any credit, even urgent. Thus, the withdrawal period is 14 days from the acceptance by the lender. However, you have the option of reduce the deadline to 8 days. Motivate your request to the financial institution in order to shorten the withdrawal period.

On the other hand, if it is an affected credit (or linked, or caused credit) such as a car credit, the period can be reduced to 3 days. However, be aware that formalities must be complied with and that the reduction of deadlines remains subject to conditions.

Provide supporting documents as soon as possible

Then, providing supporting documents can be a tedious step. But it is necessary for the processing of your file. To obtain credit quickly, it is in your best interest to provide supporting documents as soon as possible.

Prepare in advance a copy of your identity document (front and back), a photocopy of your salary receipts and your bank details. These are the essential documents that any lender will ask you for.

And to speed up the processing of your file, you can provide these documents directly by email. Make sure that the scanned images are always of good quality.

Go through a broker

This may seem paradoxical. And yet, by using a broker, you will get a credit offer more quickly. Provided you call on a professional specializing in quick loans (Pretto, Credixia, Acecredit, etc.).

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Turn to your usual bank

By turning to your bank, you will save time. Indeed, the establishment already has your personal information. If your income is regular and you manage your account well (meaning, no banking incident), your bank will probably respond favorably to your loan request.

Micro credit or loan between individuals

Conditions for taking out a microcredit

What if instead of taking out a classic bank loan, you thought of micro-credit instead? If you need a small amount (between 300 and 5000 euros), this may be the solution, whether you are an individual, a craftsman or an entrepreneur.

Note that the request for a microcredit must be made to a specialized organization, to which you must provide the following documents: rent receipt, copy of the tax notice, proof of income for the last few months.

The alternative of the loan between individuals

Then you have the option of opting for a loan between individuals. It is then a contract by which the lender undertakes to give a certain sum of money to the debtor. And for his part, the debtor undertakes to reimburse it.

This solution is developing more and more, on the sidelines of traditional loans. Less formal, it has some advantages: the subscription is flexible and easy, and the terms of the contract are set by the two parties in a completely free manner.

The other solution: store card cash reserve

To have a reserve of money as quickly as possible, you can also turn to department stores. Most now offer payment cards associated with services. These cards for DIY, household appliances, furniture or large retailers are particularly easy to obtain.

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You will need to provide them with ID and a statement of your income level. And a check will also be carried out to ensure that you are not registered with the Banque de France.

However, although these cards are easy to obtain and very useful if you need immediate credit, you must remain vigilant. Indeed, the interest rates linked to the uses of these reserves of money are often very high. It is therefore necessary to master the amount of the monthly repayments so as not to unbalance your budget. Therefore, it is better to use this solution as a last resort.

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How to go about using express credit?

As we have just explained to you in this article, during your life you will sometimes have to face unforeseen events. To remedy this, you will probably have to resort to urgent credits. So in the event that you need to subscribe to one, and for whatever reason, you can go through online platforms specialized in this area. In order to fulfill this need, you can continue to collect even more information to find out how to obtain an express micro credit.

As we were able to mention upstream, an express credit is intended to help you out financially at a specific time in your life if your savings do not allow you to overcome a hazard in life. This is the reason why the express micro credit has a very relevant format to solve this situation, because it is neither more nor less than an aid of several hundred euros which can be granted to you in less than 24 hours. The short waiting time for the answer is one of the main assets.

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