Motorhome rental in Iceland (instructions)

Traveling in Iceland by motorhome makes you dream. You would like to go on an adventure through its wide open spaces and visit Iceland in complete freedom. Here is all the practical information for a successful motorhome trip on the roads of Iceland.

Roadtrip to discover Iceland, what there is to know

Here are the things to know before booking your vehicle for Iceland:

Advantages :

  • less spending on accommodation and food
  • freedom in the itinerary and the organization of time
  • tours off the beaten track
  • travel with family, couple, friends or alone


  • high rental prices in Iceland
  • less comfort than in traditional accommodation
  • proximity to the people we travel with
  • harsh Icelandic climate in winter: low temperatures and strong winds.

Booking a motorhome in Iceland

If you are ready to take the plunge, here is how to organize the rental of your motorhome:

  • Choose your vehicle : several models exist, to be chosen according to the number of people, the budget, the comfort and the type of route. Vehicles for 2 to 6 people, comfortable vans with toilets and showers, all-terrain 4×4 models. The mileage is generally unlimited and the fuel is your responsibility. Different options exist for more comfort and safety: additional insurance, running water, baby seat, etc. Find out about the rental sites and request a quote. If you are several drivers, take the option in advance.
  • Where and when to rent your vehicle : you can book directly on the internet on the rental sites. Compare the prices which can change according to the period and the renter. On arrival, someone from the rental agency will meet you at the airport or at the address of your choice to return the vehicle. You can also rent directly at the airport or in town, taking the risk that there is no more choice in vehicles.
  • Necessary documents: you must have with you the originals of your identity documents and driving licenses for all drivers, as well as a valid credit card. Attention, you must be 21 years old and more than 2 years of license.
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Icelandic road trip

Here are some tips for your motorhome stay:

  • Conduct : in Iceland, the roads are easy and of good quality on the most famous circuits such as route 1 where it takes around 16 hours to go around the whole route. This allows you to travel for a week with a few hours of driving per day. Some roads close in winter. Find out about weather conditions and road closures for more safety and comfort during your trip. The GPS will be a valuable tool for your journeys. Also watch out for animals on the road.
  • Use and comfort : you will have to get used to tight spaces and the rental company will give you the instructions for using the vehicle before leaving (management of water, toilets, kitchen, etc.). Find out about practical options to take (electrical outlets, wifi, etc.). Winter is very cold in Iceland, bring warm clothes for the evening and the night (pajamas, slippers, etc).
  • Or sleep : 150 dedicated areas have been listed by the Icelandic tourist office ( to allow you to camp overnight in Iceland with your motorhome. It is important to follow the instructions to preserve natural sites and practice responsible tourism.

You now have all the keys to prepare your motorhome road trip in Iceland!

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