The best bars in Brest

Brestcurrent sub-prefecture of the department of Finistère, is renowned for its port infrastructure, while it is also one of the largest cities in Brittany.

Every year, it welcomes nearly 15,000 students and several thousand tourists from France and other European countries. Very welcoming and facing the world due to its geographical location, it has a wide choice of bars which delight lovers of a good atmosphere!

Trendy bars in Brest not to be missed!

Pubs in Brest: back to Celtic origins

The city of Brest is proud of its Celtic origins and this is reflected in the choice of Pub !

Scattered throughout the city, from the quays of the port to the old town, the Pub are an essential part of Brest nightlife.

For fans of Irish music, then you have to go to the Pub The Dubliners. He’s the oldest Pub from Finistere! Opened 20 years ago now, it has the particularity of having been opened by a real Irishman living in Brittany! This trendy bar welcomes you with bands playing Irish music on the ground floor and invites you to taste the best Irish beers of the moment. Murphy’s, Guinness and other specialties await you in a Celtic atmosphere!
For whiskey lovers, there is also a bar for you ! Meet at Thalassa. It’s actually a Pub-Brewery which is characterized by its wide variety of whiskeys to taste. Located in a lively street very popular with local students, it is one of the essentials of Brest nights. It also has a wide selection of draft beers, ice creams and cocktails.

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A true heart of relaxation for port workers, the McGuigan’s Irish Pub is located on the commercial port. Very trendy in the tasting of local and Irish beers but also in Breton cider, this Brest pub is a delight for lovers of Breton savoir-vivre. This brasserie-bar organizes, during the beautiful days, concerts near the outdoor terrace. A real treat if you love the seaside and music!

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Brest bars facing the sea and the world!

Omnipresent in the life of the Bretons and more particularly of the people of Brest, the sea is honored in several bars of the port city. the four winds bar, located on Quai de la Douane, has an outdoor terrace that directly overlooks the port. Very popular in summer for its cold beers on tap, it becomes a nightclub at night. the seagulls cafe, also located on the Quai de la Douane, allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere worthy of the open sea. Inspired by the interiors of fishing boats, the decoration allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the sea while enjoying your favorite drink! In the same vein, there is the bar named Around the world. Created by the famous skipper Olivier de Kersauson and his crew in 1993, this bar typically Breton is now part of the furniture. Sea lovers, you can’t miss it! Its decoration takes up elements of the daily life of a sailor on board a ship.

True symbols of the cosmopolitan side of the city of Bresthis trendy bars are now open to the world. The Casa Havana, cocktail bar and trendy of the port city welcomes you in a Cuban and Latin atmosphere! Equally tapas bar, it offers a wide variety of rum-based cocktails that will delight lovers of this Caribbean drink. Salsa initiations are also offered on certain evenings to further immerse yourself in Latin American culture.

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