5 good reasons to come and live in Brest

Brest, located in the Brittany region, in the Finistère department, is a city where life is good and work is good. In this article, we examine the 5 good reasons to come and live in Brest.

1 – A well-served metropolis

According to the winners of the magazine l’Express, Brest ranks in the 15 best cities to come and live and work there. The rank it obtained in this survey demonstrates its strong future-oriented economic potential. In 2015, Brest obtained the status of metropolis. In terms of mobility, the city offers its residents an extensive transport network (bus, tram, etc.). To get there or to go on a trip, its airport serves around fifty French and international destinations. By train, Paris is 3 hours 25 minutes away by TGV.

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2 – Executive employment is on the rise

Brest wants to be a dynamic city where employment is buoyant. Many executives wish, each year, to leave the Île-de-France and in particular Paris in order to find a little comfort of life and tranquility. After the city of Rennes, Brest is the 2nd city in Brittany with a concentration of executive jobs. Thus, according to APEC figures, the Brest area represents 15% of the total job market for executives. In 2017, the Finistère department was one of the most optimistic in terms of executive employment by announcing an intention to increase their workforce by 9%.

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3 – FrenchTech and innovation

Brest also offers workers who wish to come and live in Brittany several internationally recognized preferred sectors. Since 2015, the city has been labeled FrenchTech and the digital, health and banking-insurance sectors are at the forefront and help boost the local job market. The diversity of companies present in Brest enriches its local economic fabric. In addition to flourishing and varied sectors of activity, several large international groups, SMEs and start-ups coexist and participate in the innovation and growth of the employment pool in Brest.

4 – Quality of life at the rhythm of the ocean

Last territory of Brittany before the American continent, Brest offers its inhabitants a high quality of life, healthy and oxygenated. The sea being an integral part of its landscape, the daily life of the people of Brest is influenced by it. Thus, the sports and leisure activities to be carried out after work or during the weekends are as rich as they are varied: paddle, sea kayaking, windsurfing, sailing in the harbour, etc. During your stay or for a day, you can also discover the islands located along the Finistère coast: the island of Ouessant or the island of Molène present sumptuous landscapes that look like the end of the world.

5 – A place of artistic life

The city of Brest also offers its residents a new urban dynamic, like the Atelier des Capucins plateau. This former convent requisitioned by the French Navy has been transformed into a spacious place of artistic, cultural and creative life. This space with an area of ​​25,000 m2 offers residents a wide variety of activities: a multiplex cinema, a large media library, a National Center for Street Arts and a wide shopping street. The large covered public square also welcomes parents and children in a space for play and conviviality.

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why find student accommodation in brest?

Brest is a city where life is good, even more so for young people, rich in activities, a young person wanting accommodation to study will have enough to occupy themselves during their free time, and will be able to find accommodation at affordable prices for a student budget. Many aids will be made available to young people so that they can study in the best possible conditions.

necessary budget and aid available

To find student accommodation in Brest, the mission is very easy, Brest is one of the cities that welcomes the most students, so everything is done to facilitate research and find the accommodation you need. will need. A budget between 150 and 500 euros will be expected, depending on where you want to live. You have several choices at your disposal to choose accommodation, to stay in a CROUS, in a studio, or in shared accommodation in larger apartments up to T4.

The aid put in place by the city of Brest is numerous and very practical for certain students with financial difficulties. For example, « culture action » is a CROUS system aimed at helping students in their projects of all kinds, it is financed by subsidies, the amount is determined by a commission based on specific criteria. .

Activities and entertainment for young people

Brest is an eventful city where young people can take full advantage of their free time by doing various activities and can party with their friends in peace. Brest has nice places to visit, such as the National Maritime Museum, as well as the naval base, Oceanopolis, or the botanical conservatory garden and many others. Many hikes for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers will be present, via ferrata can be accessed around the city.

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To spend a good evening Brest is a welcoming city with a multitude of places to have a drink with friends, a tram will allow you to get around easily, the nightlife in Brest is more and more developed you will meet great people there and enjoy your entertainment moments.

After reading this article, you will be able to make a decision to find accommodation in Brest, all means are in place to make life easier for a student.

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