Accommodation for your trip to Martinique

It’s decided, fed up with the grayness and the ambient gloom during the winter. Therefore towards the sun and more particularly the West Indies.

Why the West Indies? Well the first answer is often because Martinique and Guadeloupe are French. Indeed they are DROM (Overseas Region Department), which facilitates many things such as administrative formalities, language…

But today is not the subject. We are going to talk about an item of expenditure that is both mandatory but above all important in terms of budget for your trip: accommodation and more particularly in Martinique.

We are going to discuss the possible types of accommodation and focus in particular on a more specific one.

The hotel

In Martinique you will of course find hotels, and there is something for all tastes and all budgets. It’s always a safe and reassuring bet for travelers who think that the formalities are minimal, the scams infrequent. In short, it’s easy and reassuring.

On the island you will find small neighborhood hotel with 5 star luxury. An important thing to know, in Martinique the « all inclusive » is not something very common. You will find half board but all-inclusive offers are quite rare.

The bungalows

Here is a type of housing that is a little out of the ordinary. His main interest is often the financial aspect. A little less expensive than the other solutions, and even then this is not always the case depending on the benefits.

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They are often grouped together in complexes and share a common swimming pool, for example. You have relative independence and you can enjoy comfortable bungalows (air conditioning, equipped kitchen, etc.)

Houses or villas in Martinique

It is on this mode of housing that we will dwell a little more. Villa rental in Martinique is for us the preferred accommodation if you can.

The offer is substantial, but the destination very popular. So depending on the period of your trip, we strongly advise you anticipate and book the rental from your home in Martinique as soon as possible. This will give you more choices and better prices.

Let’s start right away with the inconvenients. To be honest, the only real downside is probably the sometimes slightly higher cost depending on the standard of your villa. But this price is also justified by the many advantages.

Here’s why we recommend renting a villa:

  • you will be in total autonomy with all the freedom that it generates. No need to return at such and such time because there is the meal at the restaurant of the hotel.
  • you will not be disturbed by the neighbors of rooms that you do not know. Who hasn’t known the disrespectful people who slam their doors in the hallways in the middle of the night.
  • you can find absolutely superb houses with all the comforts: carbet, air conditioning, private swimming pool, sea view, direct access to the beach…
  • exchange and proximity with the owners. Very often they will be there to welcome you and sometimes even with a few little surprises. It’s always a pleasure to be able to exchange with people who really know a region.
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Choosing the right villa in Martinique

Here are some tips that we were able to obtain from the specialized site -> vacation rental in Martinique

  • Define your preferred area: think about whether you have a preference for the North (Caribbean or Atlantic)
  • Non-negotiable criteria: maybe you have desires on which you do not wish to make concessions such as the presence of a swimming pool, the view of the sea… Or conversely other less important ones such as the presence of a washing machine …
  • Ability: the number of travelers will also guide your choice. More than the capacity, it is also the number of bedrooms. Because if you leave at 6 or 8, maybe you don’t want to sleep with Uncle René and hear his nocturnal vocalizations.
  • Carried or not: indeed, if you have not opted for a car rental, it may be better to take a villa where all amenities are nearby
  • Complete or shared: you will find ads for house rentals in Martinique in which you are offered to rent a floor. that is to say that either you share the house with its owners or other vacationers. If you prefer your peace of mind, think about it.
  • The budget: criterion very often decisive because even if it is an opportunity to have fun there is often a budget to respect. The standing of the house, its location, its capacity are all factors that will increase the bill.

If you are lucky enough to be able to rent a house during your holidays in Martinique, you will have the feeling of being at home. There is a good chance that this will help you have a dream vacation.

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