Décathlon brest: the locker room for Brest athletes (timetables, practical information)

If we tell you about one of the favorite brands of the French, a company also renowned in the four corners of the globe for its inventiveness and its deep commitment to making sport accessible to all? If we tell you about a family company that has existed for many years and which continues to delight seasoned sportsmen and weekend sportsmen alike? Guess who we’re talking about? The Decathlon company of course!

With its presence throughout France, the Decathlon company can count on a presence in all the major cities of France and in particular near the beautiful city of Brest. The Decathlon Brest Guipavas store opens its doors to offer you the best of sport at the best price, without you having to break the bank to buy yourself any equipment, a nice racket or even a brand new road cycling bike. . All the information on this point of sale in the following lines and nowhere else.

General informations

Very first information to take into account concerning this point of sale: it is not located in Brest itself. Indeed, and as with many of the Decathlon group’s stores, the group favors locations on the outskirts of major cities, so as to be able to have large sales areas and meet all the needs and expectations of its customers. . Find your Decathlon Brest Guipavas store at 105 rue Jakez Hélias, Les Portes de Brest Guipavas shopping area, 29490 Guipavas. An ideal place to do all your shopping with family or alone and find everything you need, including the best sporting goods!

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The opening hours of the point of sale

To offer you the widest possible working hours, you can access your Decathlon Brest Guipavas store from Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Whatever your availability, you can come and do your shopping in your store located not far from Brest, a few minutes by car or by public transport according to your choice and your possibilities.

A dedicated team

Like all of the Decathlon group’s points of sale, in your Decathlon Guipavas store you will find passionate sales advisers who are able to provide you with precise and professional information, whatever your favorite sport. Whether you are a great fan and practitioner of football, fishing, horse riding or any other discipline, whatever your level of practice, you will find an attentive ear with the seller of the department concerned by your requests. Do not hesitate, during your purchases, to get closer to one of the sellers to obtain all the answers necessary to make and carry out the purchases you need.

A loyalty card for the greatest athletes

Discounts every month based on your previous purchases and your favorite sports, specific offers, exceptional promotions for the best customers… By choosing the Decathlon loyalty card, you can take advantage of a whole range opportunities and benefits. Do not hesitate to contact the reception of your Decathlon Brest Guipavas store to obtain more information on this subject. The employee of your Decathlon store will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through your registration.

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