Martinique or Guadeloupe: which island to choose?

For the traveler in search of exoticism but who wishes to stay on French soil, the Caribbean is the ideal destination. And very often, the choice is tough ahead of the two sure values ​​of the French West Indies. So, Martinique or Guadeloupe, which island to choose?

The two islands share their main assets

If the question of choosing between the two islands has been bothering travelers for a long time, it is because Martinique and Guadeloupe have in common what makes them famous in mainland France: a hot and exotic climate, sublime beaches of fine sand, turquoise waters, snorkeling spots, hiking trails in breathtaking nature. In short, everything that constitutes a dream tourist destination.

For those who are planning an expatriation project in one of the two islands, the problems encountered will also be the same in Martinique and Guadeloupe: high unemployment rate, high prices of consumer goods and sometimes difficult integration. In both cases, an introduction to Antillean Creole will be an essential prerequisite for any metropolitan wishing to integrate into local life.

The Martinique, ideal for your family vacation

With its less tortuous geography, Martinique has the advantage of offering activities involving less travel time than in neighboring Guadeloupe. For children in particular, the island offers opportunities for boat trips to discover dolphins and sperm whales. Similarly, you will be able to see turtles on the beach, to the delight of the little ones.

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Nevertheless, these are indeed his beautiful beaches which make the reputation of Martinique. Salines, Anse Lévrier, Pointe Marin, Anse Couleuvre: these are all names that you will inevitably have checked off when preparing your trip. In this regard, there will be something for everyone: beaches lined with coconut palms, urban or wild, white or black sand, crowded or difficult to access. It should be noted in particular that the beach of Anse Bonneville offers an ideal spot for lovers of surfing.

Guadeloupe, the advantage of diversity

A quick comparison of the two territories highlights an advantage specific to Guadeloupe over its neighbor Martinique: diversity offered by its geography. Guadeloupe is often compared to the shape of a butterfly whose right wing would be Grande-Terre, and the left wing Basse-Terre. Grande-Terre will offer you everything that the tourist in search of exoticism is looking for: beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and tourist infrastructures, which ultimately differ only slightly from what is found in Martinique.

Conversely, Basse-Terre is much less frequented by tourists. Her wild nature, made up of tropical forests and black sand beaches, and its agricultural landscapes make its interest and access less obvious. Here, the traveler looking for authenticity and an experience focused on the discovery of local life will find what he is looking for. Many hiking trails will lead you to dream waterfalls. The ascent of the Soufrière volcano is undoubtedly a high point in the discovery of the island.

Finally, the most significant tourist wealth of Guadeloupe lies in the small islands that surround it: the Saints, Marie-Galante, la Désirade, which sound like so many names populating the collective imagination of any self-respecting traveler. They offer as many possibilities for excursions from the big island, combining beaches, hiking and discovering villages that seem frozen in time. We should mention in particular the beach of Folle Anse in Marie-Galante, 12 kilometers long, undoubtedly the most beautiful in Guadeloupe.

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