My advice for visiting the castles of the Loire

Did you know that the Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
It is of course thanks to the beauty of its Châteaux de la Loire, which are more than 300.
Today, we are going to focus on the most beautiful of the Châteaux de la Loire, to visit with family or friends, for an exceptional day under the sign of wonder and history!

The unmissable Château de Chambord

If you were told « Château de Chambord », you surely have images of school books coming back to you, don’t you?

Prestigious names are associated with it: that of François 1er, the King who had it built and that of Leonardo da Vinci, who created a double spiral staircase, where you can go up and down indefinitely, without crossing each other. . Take the test, it’s magic!

The Château de Chambord is a nugget of the Renaissance, the largest castle of that time, which makes it still impressive today!

Just the arrival in the courtyard of the Castle, which is reflected in the water that surrounds it, is a majestic spectacle that will leave you speechless.

After visiting the Château, take a trip to the Maréchal de Saxe stables to see the magnificent horses there.

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The castle-bridge of Chenonceau and its marvelous garden

Are you looking for a grandiose experience and do you have a green thumb?
The Château de Chenonceau, surrounded by its hedges of majestic trees, will delight you.

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With its arches spanning the river, it is perhaps the most beautiful of the Châteaux de la Loire!

The Château de Chenonceau will particularly appeal to garden lovers, thanks to its parks maintained in the spirit of the Renaissance, its vegetable gardens, and the plant labyrinth that will make you relive Alice in Wonderland!

The Castle of Blois, the residence of the kings of France

Do you want your children or friends to discover a part of French history?
The Château de Blois is ideal for this thanks to a very complete guided tour, which allows you to place each king and his apartments through time… and which also reveals the secrets of the kings, such as these hidden doors and other secret passages…

The Château de Blois also offers a historical reconstruction in the form of an enigma: perfect for seeing the place come to life as if we were in the 16th century!

Cheverny Castle, a cartoon model

The Château de Cheverny is THE castle to visit for all Tintin fans! It has indeed served as a model for the Château de Moulinsart in the comic strip and it houses an exhibition dedicated to the famous little reporter.

The Château de Cheverny has another particularity: it is still inhabited and very nicely furnished to this day.

This allows you to project yourself into castle life through a princess dress ready to be put on or a richly adorned bed that invites you to take a nap!

The Chateau du Rivau, an unusual castle

After the unmissable castles of the Loire, let’s stop at a little-known castle, but which is worth the detour: the Château du Rivau.

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In Touraine, the Château du Rivau is a real surprise in more ways than one: it is a medieval castle, which seems straight out of a medieval tale with its keep and moat.

However, this appearance is deceiving because the Château du Rivau houses a real modern art gallery!

Furthermore, the Château du Rivau is surrounded by a truly magical garden, which invites you to dream of being a prince or a princess.

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