Our beauty products for going on vacation!

Summer is here ! We are going to be able to bask in the pill on the beach and take full advantage of our holidays to decompress. But beware, summer is also synonymous with dry skin, overly dry hair and nail polish that gets damaged quickly! So we tell you all about the beauty products to take care of yourself this summer!

The special holiday pouch!

holiday beauty products

You don’t know the organic beauty box yet? It is our favorite product to always have products that are as trendy as they are respectful of the environment and your body. And what has the beauty box concocted for us this summer? A real special holiday bag!

We find there:

  • an organic body serum to take care of our skin after sun exposure. This beauty product is a very effective after-sun that repairs and soothes skin that has been subjected to the harsh rays of the sun. The serum prevents premature aging of our skin and brings a real feeling of well-being.
  • a shower shampoo with organic Tahitian monoi, to wash without having to suffer the pangs of sulphate from other cleansing products! We love the creamy texture and its soft delicate fragrance that transports us very far.
  • a creamy organic foam to cleanse our skin without attacking it. It deposits a moisturizing film on our skin and prevents dryness.
  • an organic pop varnish to have nails that are always flawless and ultra pretty. We love these sparkling and colorful polishes that are perfect for always looking great by the pool or at the beach.
  • A 100% natural and vegan gourmet ball. Coconut or brownie version, this little snack is made with dates and nuts. We take a short break to nibble on this ball which is ideal to fill a little hollow.
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And everything is presented in a pretty pouch with a fun and summery design!

organic beauty products

To really take care of yourself, why choose to coat yourself with industrial beauty products that contain an insane list of chemical ingredients, some of which are harmful to us? It is counter-productive and it does neither our body nor our environment any good.

So to make up the beauty kits, we choose labeled organic products. And if possible, also opt for local manufacturers or at least French companies. Also favor cosmetics that promote zero waste: we avoid containers that are used only once! Opt instead for solid shampoos, soaps without packaging, creams presented in recyclable jars, etc.

With the awareness of our impact on nature, the sale of more respectful products is growing. And thanks to the organic beauty box, you discover new brands and test products before integrating them into your beauty routine! Adopt the principles of slow cosmetics by choosing the best products according to the nature of your skin and your hair. Thus, you restore the balance of your skin and better protect your skin and your hair fiber!

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