The 5 most beautiful beaches in Brest

Beautiful, wild and bewitching, the beaches of Finistère stretch over more than 1200 km.

Whether fine sand, hidden in a small cove or several kilometers long, let’s discover 5 of the most beautiful beaches on the Brest coast.

List of the 5 most beautiful beaches in Brest

For an idyllic landscape, towards Kersaint

At the end of the Landunvez tourist route, the Iroise Sea is tinged with turquoise blue. Thanks to its lighthouse, fine sand dunes and cliffs, Kersaint beach takes us on a journey to the end of the world without leaving Brittany.

Pleasure boats like to take advantage of this unique landscape where the sea reveals a palette of colors ranging from turquoise to ultramarine blue.

It is easily accessible by public transport by taking the BreizhGo n°16 (Landunvez) to the Le Rochard stop.

For the chilly, go to Sainte-Marguerite

Despite their bad reputation, Breton beaches offer pleasant temperatures. In Landéda, the beaches of Sainte-Marguerite can reach around 22°C. Divided into two parts because of their length (more than 1.5 km), we are talking about the beach of Saint-Marguerite North and South.

The northern part of the beach is small and largely made up of protected dunes. People come here to enjoy the peace and beauty of the blue waters.
To the south, the beach is accessible to people with reduced mobility. At low tide we become an adventurer and go explore the islets discovered. For the more athletic, take advantage of the right side of the beach to test windsurfing or kitesurfing.

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Located 29 km north of Brest, it can be reached by car following the direction of Gouesnou, Lannilis then Landéda.

For a family swim, direction Trez Hir

Protected from strong prevailing winds, this beach faces south. More than 1 km long, it has a complete nautical center, a diving board, beach volleyball courts and games for children.

If the water, which fluctuates between 19 and 22°C, seems too cold to you, don’t panic! You can still enjoy the panorama offered by the beach on the Crozon Peninsula and the Fort de Bertheaume, strolling on the warm sand until you reach the small coves at the end of the beach.

Located 20 minutes from Brest by car, Trez Hir is also accessible by public transport (BreizhGo n°11 to the Plougonvelin – Trez Hir Plage stop)

For sportive people, welcome to the Moulin Blanc

This beach stretches from the Brest marina to the Plougastel bridge. The nautical center offers a wide variety of activities for young and old. A must-see beach for lovers of hiking, jogging, surfing and lazing around, everyone is there.

For those who love the sea but not the sand, you can take advantage of the many terraces to have a drink, eat a seafood dish or enjoy a salted butter caramel pancake.

Before heading to Brest town centre, consider discovering the Océanopolis, a European-renowned aquarium.

To get there, nothing could be simpler: Bibuses n° 8, 11, 14 and 25 drop you off at the Palaren stop.

Also visit: Brest National Maritime Museum

For photographers, on the way to the Blancs-Sablons

Facing the islands of Molène and Ouessant, Blancs-Sablons beach stretches for almost 2.5 km. Nestled in the hollow of a magnificent bay, it attracts photographers as well as lovers of sailing sports (surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing).

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At low tide the beach turns into a real playground and we can enjoy it as a family. Fishing on foot or strolling along the shore, there are many activities on the most beautiful beach in Brittany.

Protected area, the water is of very good quality and often around 20°C.

Located in Le Conquet, it is reached by following the direction of Trébabu then Lanfeust.

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