Top 8 reasons for a trip to Martinique

Prepare your trip, choose where to go to have fun… The Martinique is ideal if you want to leave at any time of the year and travel to the Island of Flowers, queen of the Lesser Antilles. In this article, we give you the 8 good reasons for a trip to Martinique, a refuge destination in the Caribbean.

1. Advantageous weather and diversity of landscapes in Martinique

In mainland France, we are not lucky enough to have 30°C all year round. Martinique is the dream for that! Thanks to this and its different reliefs, you alternate between heavenly beaches (Les Trois-Ilets, Diamond Rock, Caravelle Peninsula), superbly calm coves and coves (Anse Couleuvre, Anse des Salines, Anses d’Arlet) and volcanoes (Montagne Pelée, Piton du Carbet), lush vegetation (150 plant species) and preserved fauna (piripirit birds, touloulou crabs, blackbirds, Madeira hummingbirds, mongooses, cliff matoutou, anoli lizards, multicolored fish, etc.).

2. Music and dance in Martinique: an institution !

To travel in Martinique is to embrace its customs. Creole music has always made Caribbean zouk, biguine and other catchy dances dance. Jazz is also very present thanks to the many events on the island and cultural festivals that combine music, dance, painting, poetry and other arts).

3. Various tourist activities in Martinique: everything for everyone

Whether you like lounging on a beach, fishing quietly or more sportingly or walking to discover the territory of Martinique, it is the island of all possibilities. Land activities: hiking, quad biking, sunbathing on the beach, Canyoning. Nautical activities: Jet-ski, Paddle, Snorkeling, Surfing, Diving, Skiff race. Cultural and other activities: visits to museums, distilleries, historical sites, paragliding, dancing, cooking.

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4. Martinican gastronomy and Creole cuisine

Rich in various fruits/vegetables (banana, coconut, guava, plum, mango, papaya, pineapple, avocado, sweet potato, soursop, breadfruit, yam, cassava, to name but a few) but also fish and shellfish, Creole recipes combine salty / sweet, Colombo spices, chilli, cinnamon, blood sausage and fried foods (accras).

5. The warm welcome of Martinicans: we, you, islands

The reception in Martinique is friendly. The people of Martinique are known for their warm welcome, their solidarity and their unfailing smile. On the island, between Fort-de-France, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Marie, le Robert, Presqu’île de la Caravelle, Fort Saint-Louis, Martinicans will be keen to tell you their anecdotes, their story. You may be called les Z’oreille if you don’t understand Creole.

6. Martinique: a party island

In Martinique, we cultivate the art of celebration and Carnival. As said before, music and dance festivals, exhibitions of paintings, poetry, sculptures are kings. The markets are very colorful, and everyone will have their own advice for typical Martinican products.

7. AOC rum, arranged rums and Ti’punch

Rum distilleries are commonplace so that Martinican rum has obtained its Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. Arranged rums are made and consumed by locals. Their manufacturing secrets are well kept but we already know that they mix rum, spices, plants and fruits. As for the Ti’Punch, it is reputed to be both sweet and treacherous…

8. Icing on the cake: simplified formalities for traveling to Martinique

To go on a trip to Martinique, the identity card is enough because it is an Overseas Department, a French region where French is spoken, where you pay in euros and where medical care is reimbursed with the vital card. You can also use a valid passport if you want to go to the neighboring islands, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. Particularity for our French-speaking friends, the Swiss will have to bring a valid passport and the Canadians also for a stay of more than 3 months (below, the Canadian identity card will suffice). The Belgians will have the same obligations as the French to go to Martinique.

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How to go to Martinique?

We are not going to insult you by explaining that there are travel agencies able to offer you holidays in Martinique.

No, what we want to present to you is a site specializing in travel to Martinique: With this site you can tailor your stay. Everything is explained there to spend a heavenly holiday on the magnificent island of Martinique. From the plane, through accommodation, local transport and activities, you have absolutely everything to build your own stay.

What interest will you tell me? Well you have the advantage of being able to do what you want and when you want. You won’t have the same stay as everyone else, you can choose everything down to the smallest detail, and very often it’s cheaper for you. And don’t say it’s complicated, the website explains everything in detail, it is run by a family who organized their trip themselves down to the smallest detail. She shares both experience and tips for you to enjoy.

So good visit and good trip in Martinique especially.

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