Where is the prefecture in Brest?

Do you live in Brest and have to go to the prefecture for administrative procedures? Ask for a driving license, a gray card, a civil status,… or simply find out about prefectural decrees and recent publications…

Here are all the contact details and practical information concerning the prefecture of Brest.

Contact details and practical information

The sub-prefecture of Brest is located at 3 rue Parmentierin downtown Brest.

If you want to send mail, their address is :
Sub-Prefecture of Brest
3 Parmentier Street
CS 91823
29 218 BREST Cedex 2

To reach them by phone : 02 98 00 97 00 Where 118,612

To send a fax : 02 98 43 26 32

Their website is : http://www.finistere.gouv.fr

The sub-prefecture of Brest is open to the public from Monday to Fridayof 08:30 to 11:30 a.m. and of 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..

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Possible procedures at the prefecture of Brest

There are many possible procedures at the prefecture:

  • Civil status : request for birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate,…
  • Passport : passport application, visa application,…
  • Gray card : request for registration, gray card, …
  • Certificate of non pledge : for the sale or purchase of a vehicle for example…
  • Town planning : cadastral plan, PLU, request for plot owner,…
  • ID card : information, advice,…
  • Driver’s license : permit application, advice, information,…
  • Address change : help, advice,…

But many other formalities can be carried out at the sub-prefecture of Brest. As :

  • Welcoming foreigners.
  • Appointment booking.
  • Regulated professions : taxis, VTC, medical visits, funeral regulations,…
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And the sub-prefecture is able to provide you with all the informationthem newsthem prefectural decreesthem publicationsthem recommendationsinherent to the department of Finistère and the municipality of Brest and the surrounding area.

But you should know that the majority of the procedures offered by the sub-prefecture of Brest can be carried out on their website, in order to avoid endless queues, or unnecessary travel.

The advantages of the sub-prefecture of Brest

The sub-prefecture has special services such as:

  • A pre-welcome from the foreigners service : for applications for residence permits.
  • A medical commission for the driving license : to validate medical fitness to drive.
  • A digital reception area : for support with online procedures and tele-procedures.
  • Sporting events and Aerial activities.
  • Approvals of private guards and sworn agents.
  • Rights to drive.
  • Regulated professions.
  • Associations law 1901.
  • Candidates for municipal elections.
  • Defense and civil security.
  • Public security.
  • Local development.
  • Monitoring of contractual policies.
  • Relations with local authorities.
  • Monitoring of risk prevention plans, town planning files, water policy.
  • Heritage protection.
  • Immigration and Integration Service.
  • Reception of foreign people.

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