The cost of living in Prague

With its stunning landscapes and UNESCO-listed villages, the Czech Republic is a country to explore on vacation or sustainably. But how is life in Prague, its capital? What budget do you need to have to live there properly? Before thinking about an expatriation, here is everything you need to know about the price of food, accommodation… What are the salaries in Prague? Follow the guide to discover the European city.

Living in Prague, the prices

Overall, the Czech Republic remains a cheap country. It actually depends on the expense item.

Restaurants and hotels

Generally, restaurants have reasonable prices. Count around 5 euros a dish in a neighborhood restaurant. On the other hand, the hotel industry is more expensive. In Prague, as in most major tourist cities, prices are almost similar to those in other European capitals. To pay less for a night in a hotel, you have to leave the Czech capital or sleep at the campsite. Note, as in France, there are low and high season rates. In Prague, prices rise drastically during the festive periods (mainly Christmas and Easter).

The visits

The sites and monuments are most of the time paying, including the churches. In Prague, you need to have a good budget to visit the city. As in France, there are reduced rates for children, students or seniors.


In Prague, public transport remains very accessible compared to other capitals such as Paris or London. Travel around the country from the capital for ten euros, by train or bus.

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For smokers, a pack of cigarettes costs less in Prague than in Paris. Count a little less than four euros per packet in the Czech Republic, which is twice as much as in France.

Shopping also remains more accessible in Prague, even if the price difference is not obvious.

A pint of beer in a bar is much cheaper, too. In Prague, quench your thirst for barely 1.50 euros compared to 5 euros in Paris.

Accommodation in Prague

For accommodation, it is better to count on a shared apartment. This form of accommodation is widespread in the Czech capital.

Another piece of advice, Prague being a very touristic city, to avoid rubbing shoulders with too many holidaymakers, it is better to withdraw from the historic center. Especially since the hyper center, very attractive from a tourist point of view, turns out to be overpriced.

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Salary in Prague: how to save?

Living in Prague costs less than in France, even if the prices tend to get closer. The average salary in Prague, which is around 1400 euros, is higher than that of the country (1200 euros).

Work in the Czech Republic is easy to find. In the country, unemployment is almost non-existent. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find a job that meets one’s skills. You often have to make do with odd jobs, especially if you don’t speak the language.

When living in Prague, it is important to take advantage of your money. Avoid touristy places where prices tend to rise. Also adopt local food in order to pay less. Indeed, imported everyday consumer products are very often overpriced.

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