Home maintenance: tips for cleaning your home

Maintaining your home can be a chore if you spend too much time there. From the choice of materials for the house to the products to clean it, there is a whole range of possibilities. Here are some ways to minimize the time spent cleaning.

The choice of materials

When buying or building a house, it is important to choose the right materials for floors, walls, ceilings and windows as well as kitchen and bathroom furniture.

There is more maintenance with oak flooring, even vitrified, than with tiling. Afterwards, it is true that wood has a warm side that is not found in a tiled floor.

We avoid plaster and roughness on the walls, it is better to smooth them and play on the colors. The dust clings wherever it can, and it is difficult to dislodge on the top of the walls, moreover with each draft, it falls on the furniture or flies away and we find it in the air to breathe .

Ceilings: the smoother the better. Wires formed from dust clumped together because of the heat of radiators, among other things, clinging to the ceiling, are easier to remove without leaving a trace on a smooth ceiling.

Rimless windows make cleaning easier, and in PVC, a wipe with a sponge or cloth soaked in alcohol is enough.

The fitted kitchens and bathrooms must be pretty, of course, but also practical. Properly ventilated, they won’t retain moisture or smell musty or musty. Furniture walls should be easy and quick to clean.

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The choice of utensils

We use more and more soft materials for cleaning, plastic sponges or sponges without scraping side, soft cloths, microfiber caterpillars, feather dusters and for vacuuming, a cyclonic vacuum cleaner.

Plastic sponges make it possible to rub without scratching all surfaces, except car bodies. They are used regularly with clay stones. Ordinary sponges without scraping pads are used to clean with vinegar, or with a multi-surface product that must be rinsed or not.

Soft cloths are used both to clean and to wipe furniture and windows. With glove cloths or microfiber chenille mops, it is possible to clean windows without water, to sweep a room without raising dust or to wash it without rubbing. Dusters are practical, all the big brands offer their own, it goes everywhere, eliminates dust by trapping it, just throw away the paper head when it is too dirty and slip a new one on the handle.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner is surely the best friend of the person who has to do the housework. It has very good suction that does not decline as the dust bin fills up.

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The choice of products

We try more and more to use green, ecological products, there are some that work well, but others less so. You will find them on maison-et-beaute.fr, an e-commerce site that lists and offers commercial products at a lower cost, whether green or industrial. The site gives you information on all the products on sale, it’s a real plus, a painstaking job.

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The fact of using industrial products is not an anti-ecology gesture if they are used properly, with parsimony. When it is necessary, it is ridiculous to do without it and vice versa. The important thing is above all to compare the products with each other, from the point of view of effectiveness, harmfulness, quantity, price. Value for money must prevail while doing the least possible harm to the planet as well as to our property.


Spray water mist into the air before mopping the caterpillars dry. This allows dust to fall to the floor before being picked up by the microfibers. Dry the mop in the open air before shaking it vigorously to remove the dust it contains. If it’s too dirty, put it in the washing machine.

To clean a clogged bathtub, use white spirit, leave to act for 24 hours then clean it with a degreasing product for the dishes. It will be like new

If you have a carpet whose colors need to be revived, use a strongly bubbled water that you spray on the entire surface. Leave to act for a few minutes before vacuuming with a brushless wet vacuum cleaner.

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The cleaning of the future: cryogenics

As consoglobe.com explains, dry ice cleaning is already used in industries. It consists of cleaning by intense cold projection. The air dislodges dust and the cold destroys bacteria or viruses quickly and effectively, without the surface getting wet. Molds and other fungi that can make housing unsanitary are eliminated. The dust ends up on the ground and is swept up or vacuumed. We no longer use any product, it is the most ecological cleaning system there is. Some individuals are starting to talk about it, like on the artanslair.fr blog, which wrote a nice article on the subject.

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It’s still too expensive to get into homes, but Kärscher and Cryoblaster are looking at ways to give us this high-performance cleaning option.
However, you can rent a device with or without a speaker. This can be a very good solution when entering or leaving a dwelling, or even to sanitize a house after a family member has noticed an allergy, or even for a good, quick and effective spring cleaning.

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