Can we open a joint account without being married?

Wondering if you can have a joint account without being married? Here is the procedure the procedure to follow to be able to manage your account at 2!

Generally, married couples open a joint account to share household income and expenses more easily. But do you really have to go past the mayor to open a joint account in a bank? Is it possible to open a joint account without being united by the bonds of marriage? What are the conditions to be met to carry out the procedures in a banking establishment? We answer all your questions about “Can we open a joint account without being married? « .

The definition of a joint account

The principle of a joint account is relatively simple. Indeed, a joint account works in the same way as an individual bank account, with the only difference that it is in the name of several holders.

Most often, it is married couples who have a joint account. This helps them to share income and current expenses more easily.

Several types of bank accounts can be opened in an attached form:

  • current account ;
  • accounts titles ;
  • term account ;
  • bank savings account.

Note that, on the other hand, some accounts cannot be pooled. Among them, the housing savings account, the PEL or the booklet A because they are regulated savings accounts. And stock savings plans can only be individual.

Regarding the mentions, you have the choice between:

  • « Sir/Madam or Sir/Madam » to operate your joint account under a single signature;
  • « Sir/Madam and Sir/Madam » so that each of the operations carried out requires the signature of all the holders.
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Steps to open a joint account

The formalities for opening a joint account are the same as for an individual current account, with the only difference that all holders must be present on the day of opening.

Each of the holders will bring a valid identity document as well as proof of address. They will all sign an account agreement and agree to designate a common address to facilitate the sending of mail.

Please note: all banks may charge a fee for maintaining a joint account. Ask your bank adviser for the pricing applied or consult it on paper or online, on the institution’s website.

Joint account : what happens in the event of a banking incident?

Before opening a joint account, you need to know the consequences in the event of an incident such as a ban on banking or filing at the Banque de France. Opening a joint account is not a trivial operation because there are risks.

First, be aware that by opening a joint account, all holders can use the means of payment linked to it. This implies that each of the holders has the right to spend the funds available on the account. Note, however, that each holder has their own bank card.

In the event of problems (overdraft, debts, etc.), the co-holders are equally liable to the bank. In other words, the banking establishment can claim reimbursement of the overdraft from one or the other holder, without making any distinction. The bank will not care to know who plunged the joint account into the red!

Consequently, in the event of a banking ban following NSF checks or misuse of the credit card, you will be filed with the Banque de France, in the same way as your co-holder.

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To protect yourself against this situation, it is better to take the lead. Indeed, when opening the joint account, you can designate your co-holder as the sole responsible in the event of a banking ban.

Open a joint account without being married: is it possible ?

Opening a joint account is not something to be taken lightly. However, it offers enough freedom in the choice of the joint holder.

Indeed, it is possible to hold a joint account with the person with whom one lives, without necessarily being married. Moreover, it is the couples who generally decide to open a joint account, whether they are married, in a civil partnership or simply in cohabitation.

On the other hand, you have every right to have a joint account with someone you know, with or without a family relationship. It can be a family member (parent, child, brother/sister, etc.) or another person (friend, for example). There are no restrictions.

Finally, note that a joint account can be held by several holders. There is no limit on the number of holders, except if the bank decides to set a ceiling.

Can I have several joint accounts?

It is possible to hold several bank accounts in one or more establishments. This is also valid for the joint account. Indeed, multi-banking facilitates budget management by compartmentalising income and expenditure.

However, some banks refuse this practice. Check with an advisor first.

Thus, when authorized, you can have a joint account with the person who shares your life (spouse, civil partnership, partner) and another with a member of your family without this posing a problem.

The procedure for dissociating from a joint account

Opening a joint account without being married is possible. But whether you are united by the bonds of marriage or not, you have every right to dissociate yourself. This consists of closing the joint account. The operation is possible at any time, without you having to justify your decision. Generally, couples decide to put an end to their common account during a separation (divorce, breakup of Pacs, end of cohabitation).

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In any case, please contact your bank adviser as soon as possible. If you agree with your joint holder to close your joint account, this is a situation of mutual agreement of closure. The joint account will be closed as soon as all pending transactions have been completed.

On the other hand, if you are alone in wishing the closure of your joint account, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your bank. From then on, the establishment will act as an intermediary between the holders. But beware, this is a service charged by the bank.

In either case, the bank will ask you for the following supporting documents: identity document, tax notice, list of organizations to be notified, proof of address.

As soon as the procedure is launched, you will be able to withdraw the sums which belong to you on the joint account. Ensuring, however, that there is enough money left over to service all debts.

Finally, be aware that the bank will require you to open an individual current account to pay your salary.

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