Banking ban: what to do?

Bank file, there are solutions to get out of it. Your bank can help you restore your financial situation. Discover the causes and consequences of a banking ban as well as the steps to no longer be on file. There are also good practices to put in place to avoid ending up with unpaid checks.

The causes of a banking ban

In the event of an NSF check and non-regularization of the situation, the account holder is automatically registered on the Banque de France central check file. This registration is valid for five years. During this entire period, the banking interdict no longer has the right to issue checks. If the wooden check was issued on a joint account, the banking ban concerns both holders.

Prohibited banking, the results

The account holder must restore all his checkbooks to his bank. The latter can also decide to withdraw his bank card. Therefore, the banking interdict only has very limited means to pay its expenses. The banking prohibition concerns all accounts and is valid in all banks.

On the other hand, a file at the Banque de France does not imply the closure of the account. The right of access to banking services remains in use. Among these services, the monthly account statement, check cashing, deposit and withdrawal of cash, payment by direct debit… payment with systematic authorization.

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Issuing an NSF check incurs numerous costs. For each unpaid check, penalties are payable. 22 euros per tranche of 150 euros due. From the fourth wooden check, the amount of the penalty doubles. To avoid having to pay these costs, only one solution. Pay the sums within two months maximum.

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What help for bank bans?

In general, the banker immediately warns his client in order to resolve the problem. Funds available in another account such as the Livret A account can be used to replenish the deficit account. Other solutions are also possible.

You can contact the recipients of the checks to offer them another means of payment. This avoids rejection of the check by the bank, which incurs numerous costs. If the checks relate to companies, the procedure must be carried out by mail. Your creditors will need to provide you with a withdrawal letter stating that they have been paid by another means. If necessary, borrow money from someone you know.

It is possible to request a blocking of funds from your bank. This then takes care of blocking the necessary funds so that the check can be issued. This allows the file to be lifted. In any case, favor dialogue with your banker. In the event of a possible return of money, warn him and ask him while waiting to honor the pending check.

There are two pitfalls to absolutely avoid in order not to aggravate the situation. During this very delicate period, do not write any more checks and refrain from opposing checks issued. Otherwise, you are breaking the law.

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Duration of filing at the Banque de France

The banking prohibition period is five years. At the end of this period, your locker will become empty again. For the banking ban to last less, certain conditions must be met. All debts must have been paid. Each bank involved informs the Banque de France. It is she who decides whether or not to lift the filing, provided that no court decision opposes it.

Prohibited banking, What you should not do

The banking ban is revealed very disabling in daily life. To avoid being confronted with this situation, caution must be exercised. Use your checkbook exceptionally, especially if your bank account is not regularly replenished.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, negotiate an overdraft if possible with your banker. This allows you to live on credit for a certain period of time and to avoid agios and other additional costs. In the event of financial difficulties, a loan may be granted to you by your bank. This will help you not to find yourself in deficit.

Monitor your account regularly to regulate your spending. This can be done by Internet, by telephone or by moving directly to an agency.

And in the event of an unpaid check problem, contact your bank, which will find a solution. Doing the ostrich remains the best way to sink into a downward spiral.

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