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Among the local banks, there is Crédit Agricole. Present in the regions, the establishment offers a full range of offers and banking services for individuals and businesses. Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée is one of the CA’s regional banks. Before becoming a member customer of the financial institution, discover its complete offer in terms of means of payment, savings, insurance, credit… All you need to know about the CA Sud Méditerranée!

Who is Crédit Sud Méditerranée?

Everywhere in France, there is a Crédit Agricole branch. Indeed, the bank has several establishments in the region. On the other hand, its clientele includes individuals and companies, but also farmers and local authorities. And apart from France, the bank is present in 47 countries around the world, thus totaling 52 million customers around the globe.

In France, there are more than 2,440 local and regional funds. They alone hold the majority of the capital of the 39 regional mutuals. And in each of Crédit Agricole’s branches, employees offer a full range of banking products, thus covering all local markets.

Among the regional mutuals, there is that of CA Sud Méditerranée located in the departments of Pyrénées Orientales and Ariège. And in southern Catalonia, Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée also has a branch in Barcelona.

Open an account at Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée

To open an account with Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée and become a customer, you must go to a branch. An advisor will then take care of opening your account. Online, there is a tool to find the agency closest to your home:

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Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée banking services

The “Compte à Composer” offer

The “Compte à Composer” is a banking product offered by all Crédit Agricole in France. This service consists of a base allowing the account to operate on a daily basis, and several modules to be selected from the six available: Secure account, Overdraft control, Insurance budget, Managed savings, @insured monitoring and A la carte options.

On the other hand, the base contains the following services:

  • Internet, Mobile Internet and telephone access;
  • receipt of the checkbook by post;
  • unlimited access to common operations;
  • SMS notification (alert).

However, to qualify for the “Compte à Composer” offer, certain conditions must be met:

  • to be of age ;
  • hold an account with CA Sud Méditerranée;
  • have no overdraft problem. If necessary, the CA will refer you to Protected Budget.

It should be added that the subscription to the « Compte à Composer » service lasts one year, renewable tacitly.

The EKO offer at €2 per month

Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée offers the EKO by CA offer consisting of a card and an application. Note that it is accessible without commitment or income condition.

The EKO by CA offer consists of:

  • a Mastercard with balance control to make purchases anywhere in the world;
  • the possibility of withdrawing money from all Crédit Agricole ATMs;
  • a flat rate of 25 withdrawals per year in other ATMs in France and in EU countries;
  • the possibility of paying without contact or via Paylib;
  • a balance control card so you don’t end up overdrawn;
  • insurance and assistance guarantees included to simplify travel in France and abroad;
  • the Ma Banque application to manage and view their account from home;
  • an SMS alert if the balance is less than €20;
  • no overdraft allowed.
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Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée bank cards

CA Sud Méditerranée offers its customers various bank cards belonging to several ranges:

  • the Mastercard card that can be used internationally;
  • the Visa Classic card with additional insurance and assistance services for easy travel around the world;
  • the Gold Mastercard with large withdrawal and payment limits;
  • the World Elite Mastercard which has many advantages;
  • the Visa Premier card to pay and make money withdrawals in France and abroad with ease;
  • the Visa Infinite card with customizable limits;
  • the Mastercard Cartwin to pay in cash or on credit;
  • the Gold Mastercard Cartwin with additional benefits;
  • the Visa Premier Cartwin card to pay cash or on credit, in addition to benefiting from privileges;
  • the Mozaic payment card, accessible from 12 years old;
  • the corporate bank card;
  • the other card. A real credit card, it is offered at a low price (16.50 euros per year).

Other Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée services

products to save

With its products and savings accounts, Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée enables its customers to:

  • preparing for the acquisition of a home (real estate purchase);
  • develop your savings;
  • preparing for retirement;
  • invest money for his family;
  • build up available savings;
  • grow your tax system.

CA Sud Méditerranée offers several products including:

  • two death insurance policies (Floriane and Predissime 9 Series 2);
  • Towards the future, insurance savings reserved for children;
  • Carré Vert and Carré Bleu to enhance capital at a guaranteed rate;
  • the Housing Savings Account (CEL);
  • the Housing Savings Plan (PEL);
  • the sustainable and solidarity development booklet;
  • the young Mozaic booklet;
  • booklet A;
  • the Tlwl booklet for children;
  • the popular retirement savings plan for seniors…
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The insurance

Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée offers several types of insurance:

  • Home Insurance ;
  • car and two-wheeler insurance;
  • cover to insure the car of young drivers;
  • civil protection ;
  • mortgage protection insurance;
  • guarantees for leisure activities and daily life (leisure insurance, legal protection, etc.).

Mortgage and consumer credit

At CA Sud Méditerranée, it is possible to take out a home loan or a consumer loan.

Among the loans linked to the acquisition of a home, there are several types of credit:

  • Zero Rate Loan (PTZ);
  • Housing Solutions Works Loans;
  • First Purchase Home Solution;
  • Social Accession Loan (PAS)…

And as far as consumer loans are concerned, they allow the financing of personal projects, driving licenses or cars (loan allowed at one euro per day, student loan, etc.).

The rates of Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée

CA Sud Méditerranée occupies 48th place in the ranking of the 127 least expensive banks in France.

Maintaining a standard account costs 12.20 euros per year, compared to 30 euros for maintaining an inactive account. The Internet subscription service is free and the SMS alert comes in the form of a flat rate of 2.80 euros per month (12 SMS).

Find the 2019 price list for individuals on the Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée website:

Online account access

Accessing your online accounts couldn’t be simpler! Simply click on the « Access my accounts » button available on the home page, at the top right of the window, or follow the following link:

Then, the process consists of entering your 11-digit identifier using the numeric keypad. Then, enter your 6-digit secret code using the virtual keyboard. It is a secure tool.

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