How do I change my La Banque Postale password?

Password lost, stolen or used fraudulently? To be able to view your account statements and access your Internet customer area, all you have to do is change your password. Find out how to get La Banque Postale to send you a new confidential code. Also follow our advice so that your password is not stolen. Everything you need to know to change your password at the Banque Postale, whether it is forgotten, stolen or fraudulent.

How do I change my La Banque Postale password?

Changing the La Banque Postale password is only possible from your Internet customer area. To change your confidential code, go to the right menu « Change your password ». And to change the secret code on the media of your choice, go to the password change help page.

Password : precautions to take

There are a few essential precautions to take for obvious safety reasons. Among them :

  • your password is confidential, and must remain so, in the same way as your credit card code! Therefore, it is preferable to retain it rather than write it down or record it. And of course, do not communicate it to anyone;
  • on the other hand, it is better to change your password regularly. Changing the secret code must be done from your Internet customer area;
  • second, do not use your date of birth as a password. This is too easy code;
  • your password must not be the same for your other accesses (messaging, forum, community service, etc.). Book it to access your banking services;
  • You should also know that La Banque Postale will never ask you for your password by telephone, e-mail or by post. Otherwise, it is a scam;
  • be careful, never give your password to an outside party or company. Again, you are the victim of a scammer.
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In case of theft or fraudulent use: what to do ?

If you want to change your password after theft or fraudulent use, you must first contact 3639 (choice 4). You can also go to your post office to explain your situation.

Following a stolen password, the Postal Bank will send you new codes by post. Remember to update your contact information. Indeed, your address is essential to receive your new password.

In the event of a move, to update your address, contact 3639 (choice 4) or go to a post office and make your request, with proof of your new address, or send the change of address to your Financial Center, enclosing a photocopy of the supporting documents indicated in the forms. You will find the address of your financial center on your RIB.

To know : you must also inform your Financial Center of any theft or suspicion of fraudulent use of your identifiers.

I forgot my password : what to do ?

If you have forgotten the password for your La Banque Postale account, you have several options:

  • contact 3639 (choice 4);
  • go to your post office and make your request;
  • or by Internet, provided with your identifier or your account number. You will first need to enter your username, then your date of birth, and finally the first six characters of your account number.

To know : you will find your 10-digit identifier on your individual account statement. If you have forgotten your username, ask La Banque Postale to send them to you again by post. The request can be made directly by going to your post office or by contacting 3639.

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