Weekend in Brest, the essentials in ocean lands not to be missed

Weekend in Brest, the essentials in ocean lands not to be missed. Brest Terres Océanes is full of places not to be missed. Museums, historical monuments, parks and hiking trails: all the activities are present to allow you to make the most of a weekend in the Breton city.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Brest’s heritage

Facing the Iroise Sea, the Pointe Saint-Mathieu lighthouse is a must in the city of Brest. Built in the 19th century on the ruins of an old abbey and today classified as a historic monument, it has a range of 50 km, which makes it a very important lighthouse on the coast. To visit it, take the coastal path. The walk will amaze you, especially since Pointe Saint-Mathieu is located on the GR34, the famous « customs officers’ path ». You can, in this place of history, discover the museum of the abbey, the national memorial of sailors who died for France or even temporary exhibitions. All this with a breathtaking panorama, on the easternmost point of the country!

Still on the customs path, this time further north, stands the Meneham village. A former fishing village, this small hamlet is now home to several restored thatched cottages, which had been abandoned in the 1970s. The panorama of the sea is still splendid! The small houses of Meneham, its inn, its festivals throughout the year and its artists’ studios will guarantee you a trip out of time.

In Plouguerneau, direction the Virgin Island Lighthouse. This huge freestone lighthouse is the tallest in the world and culminates at 82.50 meters. From March to October, you have the opportunity to climb its 365 steps to enjoy an exceptional panorama of the English Channel and the Iroise Sea. Access to the island is by boat, or on foot during high tides.

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Another must visit is the National Maritime Museum in Brest. It is located in the heart of Brest Castle, which is the city’s oldest monument. This castle has long kept a military function: a place steeped in history, ideal for setting up the National Maritime Museum! Through rich collections, you will discover the history of the arsenal of Brest and understand its importance in the maritime life of the country.

To prolong your cultural getaway, make a detour via the remarkable abbey of Daoulas. Built in the 12th century, this historic monument is one of a kind. You will discover a magnificent garden, which houses species from five continents. Beyond an exceptional park, the abbey is also a place of history and its interior can be visited. The monument itself, with its fountains and cloister, is extremely rich and houses temporary exhibitions that will give you the unique opportunity to discover cultures from around the world. A real call to travel, not to be missed!

Unmissable family visits

Brest is also full of places where you can have fun with your family. For a day that will delight young and old, head to Océanopolis. You will be able to discover the marine fauna and flora thanks to the giant aquariums which are home to species from all over the world: seals from the far north, tropical fish, sharks or even sea lions. A real journey under the oceans awaits you in the different themed areas!

The discovery continues a few steps from Océanopolis, in the Botanical Conservatory Garden. You will discover this time the plant fauna and flora, through various tropical greenhouses and exhibitions. This garden is home to the highest concentration of endangered plants in the world! A unique place to discover with the family.

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