How does an electronic registered letter work?

With the Internet, it is now possible to send an electronic registered letter or LRE from anywhere, at any time. The process has many advantages: saving time, saving on the cost of sending, security and meeting deadlines. So if you have questions about how it works, discover our explanations and advice. You will then be able to send your registered mail electronically in accordance with the rules of the art.

Electronic registered letter: why choose an Internet shipment?

The evolution of qualified delivery services in sending registered letters online allows companies and individuals to send their mail digitally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This progress, even subject to strict regulations , combines advantages for both senders and recipients:

  • Flexible and customizable use according to customers;
  • A guarantee of security, because the electronic registered letter has the same legal value as the old physical registered letter;
  • Electronic and physical evidence generated by correspondence;
  • Two choices in the mode of distribution of the registered letter to the recipient (in electronic file or in the form of paper mail);
  • A method of archiving correspondence;
  • Reduced expenses (processing and mailing costs);
  • Better management of deadlines and real-time monitoring.

You can find a wide range of electronic registered letter offers and services on the Internet.

What you need to know about how LREs work

The electronic registered letter is defined by decree N° 2018-347 of May 9, 2018 as being the equivalent of a classic registered letter. Generally, the sending follows the following steps: The phase of identification of the sender, the precision of the contact details of the recipient, the drafting of the electronic registered letter or its downloading on the site of the third party in charge of its routing, the addition attachments and payment of postage. Do not hesitate to go to see the questions related to the reception and the cost of a letter. However, the sending of an electronic registered mail requires conditions which are provided for by the legislation such as:

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Legal mentions :

In order to deposit and send a registered letter via the Internet, the sender must enter his name or company name, his electronic and postal contact details, as well as those of the recipient(s).

The prior consent of the recipient:

Each shipment of registered letter electronic must be preceded by a request for consent from the recipient. This agreement remains a major element of the shipment, because it proves that the email address used to notify the recipient is indeed his.

Double identification:

Namely that of the sender and that of the recipient. Once the identifications have been validated, the electronic registered letters are automatically routed.

Additional options for electronic registered mail

There are also additional amenities that you can benefit from depending on the provider chosen:

Bulk shipment:

Unlike Single Send, Bulk Mode allows you to register a defined set of recipients for easy sending. This option is specially adapted for trustees, because it simplifies the management of lists of recipients in the case of co-ownership management (sending of notices and reports of general meetings, etc.)

Invoicing flow management:

Still according to the operators, the billing system generally allows the sender to use different bank accounts. A sender can thus select the bank account which must be withdrawn for the sending of his electronic registered letter. This method makes it possible to arrange several invoicing flows. This system is judicious within the framework of the management of syndic of co-ownerships.

The LRE therefore has many advantages, but it is important to choose a service provider that complies with data protection regulations. Indeed, the protection of information is a particularly important issue, as you can read here.

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