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The bank check is a relatively safe means of payment. Moreover, it remains essential during an important transaction such as the purchase of a vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.). Depending on the institution, the time required for obtaining and collecting it differs. Discover all the specificities of La Banque Postale bank checks in terms of deadlines and prices. And because there are many bank check scams, learn how to avoid the traps. Everything you need to know to verify the authenticity of a title and not fall victim to a scammer!

What is a bank check?

The bank check, not to be confused with the simple bank check, may be claimed from you during a major transaction (purchase of a vehicle, for example).

Note that the bank check is issued and signed by a banking institution. And the order of the check is in the seller’s name. If the bank check is so much in demand for large transactions, it is because of its security. Indeed, even if there are bank check scams, this means of payment remains a guarantee of security.

How do I get a bank check from La Banque Postale?

To obtain a bank check from La Banque Postale, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is go to the counter of a bank branch. The school counselor will check to make sure you have money in your account. If the balance is sufficient, the advisor will provide you with the security.

You can also order your bank check online or by mail to your financial centre. However, the withdrawal must be done in person.

Note: you will have to collect the title from your designated bank office if the amount is greater than 800 euros.

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The rates

The issue of the bank check turns out to be paying. The amount varies depending on the bank. However, it takes an average of ten euros to obtain the title.

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A bank check issued by La Banque Postale costs 11 euros if the establishment of the title comes from a traditional current account. And the issue is free if you do it from a passbook or savings account.


Note that a waiting period applies to obtain a bank check. Some establishments deliver it immediately and others within two days. It is therefore important to anticipate your request if you want to have the means of payment as soon as possible.

In fact, the duration depends on three main factors, namely:

  • the amount of the bank check;
  • the desired means of reception;
  • any notice period.

As far as La Banque Postale is concerned, it takes two days, or 48 working hours, to obtain a check for an amount greater than 1,500 euros. And for a bank check for the lower amount, the withdrawal is almost immediate. Count only about ten minutes, the time of the verification and the emission of the title.

Collection time

A cashier’s check is cashed in the same way as a normal check. You can drop it off at a self-service terminal in a post office. To do this, put the title in an envelope, having previously completed the slip.

You also have the option of depositing the bank check directly at the counter, or sending it by post, with the check remittance slip.

In terms of time, it takes an average of two working days for the bank check to be cashed.

Bank check : the different deadlines to know

As mentioned above, the bank check will make it possible to secure a financial transaction between a seller and a buyer. However, this does not prevent you from remaining vigilant and verifying that the bank check is authentic.

It is important to anticipate the request from your bank because the delay to receive bank check can sometimes be long depending on the banking establishments. Indeed, it is important to specify that the issue of the bank check is not immediate.

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For a so-called classic bank such as Banque Postale, Crédit Agricole or Caisse d’Epargne, the average time to obtain your bank check is approximately 2 to 3 working days. However, if your account is managed in an online bank, the delay will be longer in most of these banks. It takes between 7 and 10 days to receive your bank check. Another important point, your online bank will only be able to deliver your check to you by post since they have no physical banking establishment.

Once the check has been issued, you should know that the person who is going to cash it has a period identical to that of a check to do so. The deadline is 1 year and 8 days.

If you realize that you made a mistake in the name of the recipient on the bank check or that you made a mistake on the amount of the check, you will be obliged to cancel it. It is impossible to change it yourself. Therefore, you will have to contact your bank to have it cancelled, wait for your bank to re-credit your account (it takes about a week on average) then you can ask your bank to write you a new bank check with the correct information. For all its stages, count on average 10 to 15 days.

Our security recommendations

The bank check remains the safest means of payment. However, it is possible to be scammed with a fake bank check. Before accepting this title, it is therefore advisable to take these precautions and exercise extreme vigilance.

Contact the issuing bank

If in doubt about the provenance of the cashier’s check given by the purchaser, contact the issuing bank immediately. The establishment will validate or not the reliability of the check. And find the number of the financial organization yourself. This is on the bank check. Under no circumstances trust the buyer. He can give you a fake phone number if he has an accomplice.

Once on the phone with the establishment, send the advisor the number of the check, the amount and the name of the beneficiary.

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Accompany the buyer to the counter

Note that the surest way to avoid any disappointments is to accompany the purchase to the counter of his bank during the delivery of the title. In this way, you will be certified of its provenance. You can also take the lead by asking the buyer to send you the scan of the bank check. Thus, your own banking institution will ensure that it is a real title and not a falsified document.

Check the authenticity of a bank check

In other cases, carry out several checks. The amount must be exact. Otherwise, it may be a stolen cashier’s check. And if the buyer wishes to complete the transaction with another means of payment, refuse! On the other hand, if the title shows signs of alterations (tear, scratch, scratching…), do not accept it.

Next, verify that the title has a standardized watermark. Since 2009, all bank checks have been provided with it. Embedded in the paper, the watermark is transparent. It bears the mention “bank check”. And a bank check includes certain mandatory information relating to the NF K11-111 standard:

  • the name of the issuing bank;
  • the box “payable in France” with identification of the place of payment and telephone number of the bank;
  • the name, address and account of the drawer;
  • the amount (in words as well as in figures);
  • the place and date of issue of the security;
  • the magnetic line at the bottom of the check, made up of letters and numbers.

Prevent the risk of identity theft

Finally, for even more security during the transaction, ask the purchaser for proof of identity. Take care to check whether information such as age or height matches. This helps to raise possible identity theft.

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