Migros Bank: the editorial guide

Migros Bank, domiciled in Switzerland, offers a complete offer at rather advantageous rates. Discover all of its banking products and services, available in different currencies. Thanks to its offers in euros, cross-border commuters will be able to take advantage of the bank cards and accounts made available to them. Everything you need to know about Migros Bank before opening a current account and thinking about saving or investing.

Presentation of Migros Bank

The first thing to know is that the establishment is a Swiss universal bank, a 100% subsidiary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. It was founded in 1958 and has experienced strong growth, thanks in particular to its attractive savings accounts and advantageous mortgages.

With its 800,000 customer relationships, Migros Bank is one of the most important banking institutions in Switzerland. The organization has 67 branches throughout the country as well as 1000 spaces where you can withdraw money for free. And you can also pay for most of your banking transactions without going to the counter: online, by phone or via an ATM.

How do I open an account with Migros Bank?

You can open a current account with Migros Bank. This gives you access to all the services you need to carry out your day-to-day banking transactions, at advantageous rates.

The e-banking offer can be opened directly and used via the Internet, without going to a branch.

By going to the following link: https://www.migrosbank.ch/fr/personne-privee/compte-et-carte/compte-courant.html, you must first select the currency of your account (Swiss francs , euros, etc.).

Depending on your choice, Migros Bank recommends one of its three solutions:

  • Maestro card with M-Card in CHF for paying cashless in shops and withdrawing cash from ATMs or Migros cash desks;
  • full access to e-banking (remote banking) whether at home or on the move;
  • credit card to pay reliably worldwide, in physical stores or remotely, on the Internet. This means of payment also offers a free guarantee and travel cancellation insurance.
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Finally, for your request to be taken into account, you will then be asked to complete a questionnaire relating to your personal data (identity, complete postal address, date and place of birth, professional activity, employer, etc.). You also have the option of completing a power of attorney to appoint a proxy.

Migros Bank banking services


Migros Bank offers three accounts:

  • the private account. Versatile, it allows you to carry out all current banking operations thanks to the many services. It is ideal for collecting salaries, paying bills, shopping in shops, withdrawing cash, etc. The private account is available in Swiss francs, but also in euros (on request);
  • the premium account. It offers the same services as the private account. However, this account is only in Swiss francs.
  • the current account. Also versatile, this account allows you to carry out all day-to-day banking transactions. And it also offers a credit limit on demand. The current account is available in Swiss francs, euros, dollars and any other currency.

Credit cards

The establishment has three credit cards:

  • Maestro card is used for in-store purchases and cash withdrawals. The Cumulus number on the back of the card is also used to collect points. This credit card is established in CHF but it is also available in euros for private accounts in the same currency. Purchases and cash withdrawals are possible up to the limit of your card, generally CHF 2000 per day or CHF 5000 per month. Note that the annual fee for the Maestro card is free in the CHF version;
  • credit card accompanies you around the world and on the Internet. Ideally, it complements a Visa or MasterCard card. Like the Maestro card, it allows you to collect Cumulus points. You also have optimal protection (best price guarantee, trip cancellation insurance). Note that the credit card is valid for an indefinite period in Swiss francs as in euros;
  • the Prepaid Travel Cash card supplements a Maestro card or a credit card for occasions (travel or on the Internet). In addition, the card is available in euros or dollars. On the other hand, you can view your expenses as well as your available balance via the Migros Bank app or by phone. Valid for three years, the Prepaid card also has this advantage: it incurs no annual fee.
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Other services


In terms of investments, Migros Bank offers several investment solutions: deposit management, personal investment advice, wealth management. And she is also interested in physical precious metals.

On the other hand, the financial organization has products in terms of fund savings plan, fund withdrawal plan, structured products and metal account. And you can benefit from financial planning advice.


The establishment provides its Swiss or cross-border clients with secure financing for housing. You can apply online for even greater benefits on your mortgage.


Then, several credits are offered to Migros Bank customers:

  • consumer credit (private, car, continuing education credit);
  • fixed or variable rate loan, fixed term advance;
  • limit (Lombard credit to take advantage of the market, current account limit).


Then, in terms of savings, several products are available:

  • investment savings account;
  • savings account ;
  • youth savings account;
  • gift savings account;
  • term investment;
  • rent deposit;
  • cash bond.

To note : you will also have a savings calculator and can save thanks to rounding.


In terms of pensions, there are three axes:

  • savings (3a pension account, vested benefits account);
  • investments (provident funds);
  • advice (financial planning).

remote banking

E-banking or remote banking is part of the banking services of Migros Bank. Open every day, 24 hours a day, it allows you to access your accounts remotely.

Migros Bank tariffs

You can view all the pricing applied by Migros Bank by downloading the establishment’s price brochure: https://www.migrosbank.ch/dam/jcr:cc659694-c22a-415d-8df5-6757864bb158/downloads/ en/broschuere/price-brochure.pdf

Opening and closing an account are free, as are bank statements. On the other hand, the maintenance of the account is not invoiced as long as your total assets do not exceed 7500 CHF per month.

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How to access your online account?

Migros Bank offers the e-banking service. This is an all-day branch. Thanks to e-banking, you can access your account directly via the Internet, wherever you are.

To access your e-banking space, you must request an activation code by filling in the fields of the following questionnaire: https://www.migrosbank.ch/activation/request?execution=e1s1

The currency exchange rate

The exchange rate of a currency is the rate (price) of this currency against another. Each country or monetary zone decides on its exchange rate, fixed or floating.

Currencies not all having the same value, it is important to carefully study what exchange rates are in effect when you are cross-border and which banks offer the best rates.

Banking institutions apply an exchange rate plus a commission, so they do not all offer the same rates. Depending on the amount of the exchange transaction, the currency and the type of transaction, the costs assimilated to the exchange rate can quickly climb.

For cross-border commuters who want to change their Swiss francs into euros or vice versa easily and at the best rate, Migros Bank also offers an exchange service. You can compare migros exchange rates directly on the Internet.

To help you in your search, you can find online exchange offices as well as online comparators of these exchange offices. These tools are easy to use and will allow you to quickly assess the most advantageous offer according to your needs.

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