Opposition Banque Populaire bank card: the steps

Have you misplaced or lost your bank card, or have you been the victim of credit card fraud? Above all, do not wait for your account to be unduly debited, object as soon as possible. In this article, discover the different means available to you to proceed with a Banque Populaire bank card opposition. And also discover the deadlines, the consequences of the operation, particularly in terms of costs, as well as the bank’s obligations and the procedure to be followed in the event of a dispute.

When can you oppose your credit card?

You have the possibility to oppose your credit card when one of its three scenarios arises:

  • theft of your credit card;
  • loss of your means of payment;
  • fraudulent use of your bank card.

Be careful not to confuse speed with precipitation. In the event of a misplaced bank card, carry out searches at your home or in your car before making an opposition, as this is an irreversible operation.

To know: if your bank card has been swallowed by a counter or ATM without you having entered three false codes, immediately object because it may be a matter of credit card fraud.

Solutions for blocking your bank card La Banque Populaire

First, if you have lost your card or if it has been stolen, block your credit card as soon as possible by making an opposition. First call the opposition number on 01 77 86 24 24. This is a non-surcharged number, available 24/7.

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In the event of theft, also make a declaration to the gendarmerie or the police station. Then, confirm this opposition in writing to your Banque Populaire branch. Attach the duplicate of the declaration, if applicable.

Note that you can register your opposition on the Banque Populaire website, provided you have an online banking subscription. You will then find on the site the declaration of loss and theft to send to your agency. Note, the Banque Populaire application also allows you to carry out the opposition operation from your smartphone.

Finally, by default, there is also an interbank number reserved for oppositions. Call 0 892 705 705 providing the following information: 16-digit credit card number and expiry date. This assumes that you have noted this information before losing or having your credit card stolen.

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Blocking your La Banque Populaire bank card: delays

In your interest, it is preferable to object without delay, within 2 or 3 days maximum. Some credit card contracts provide for this period to oppose its means of payment. And if you wait too long, the Banque Populaire may accuse you of negligence and not reimburse you for the sums unduly debited.

Then, the cancellation of the credit card is valid from the date of opposition. From then on, you are no longer considered responsible for the sums withdrawn from your bank account.

Finally, you have a maximum of 70 days after the date of publication of your account statement to report all transactions carried out without your knowledge.

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What are the consequences for the credit card holder?

Opposing your La Banque Populaire credit card is not insignificant since it has several consequences, particularly financial ones (depending on the contracts):

  • opposition costs;
  • deductible of an amount of 50 euros for sums debited before the opposition request if the bank card code was used or if the disputed debit took place outside the European Economic Area;
  • purchase of a new credit card. The opposition is irreversible. It cancels the validity date of the credit card, even if you find it.

Bonds of the Banque Populaire

Be careful not to confuse opposition on CB and cancellation of your bank card because the two operations are different. And they do not entail the same consequences for the bank.

First, the Banque Populaire must reimburse you for direct debits exceeding the ceiling of 50 euros unless you have shown extreme negligence or if your credit card has been used with the confidential code.

Then, in the event of fraudulent use of your means of payment, without loss or theft, the bank must reimburse you for these operations upon receipt of your request. You have 13 months to take the steps, but it is preferable not to wait. Note that the period is reduced to 70 days or even 120 when payments are made outside the European Union.

Finally, according to the law, note that the Banque Populaire must provide proof that you have been negligent if necessary. She can’t afford to say that you’ve just been phished (or phishing).

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What should I do in the event of a dispute with La Banque Populaire?

The opposition center issues a registration number when an opposition is requested. Keep this number carefully as it will be useful in the event of a dispute with your bank. If the financial institution shows difficulty in reimbursing you the sums after opposition, follow the following procedure:

  • first contact your Banque Populaire adviser or the branch manager to explain your situation.
  • then, if no satisfactory solution has been found, you can contact the financial institution’s Customer Service using the online tool: https://www.banquepopulaire.fr/portailinternet/Editorial/Services/Pages/Exprimer -a-complaint.aspx
  • then, if the answer does not suit you, contact the Banque Populaire Régionale Mediator free of charge. Find their contact details using the tool made available to you on the institution’s website: https://www.banquepopulaire.fr/portailinternet/Editorial/Services/Pages/Exprimer-une-reclamation.aspx. The professional has a maximum of two months to respond to you;
  • Finally, if the dispute persists despite the intervention of the Mediator of the Banque Populaire Régionale, there is legal recourse. For amounts of less than 10,000 euros, go to the district court. And for amounts over 10,000 euros, turn to the High Court.

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