Payment purchase cbeasyweb: what is it?

By consulting your account statement, you have seen payments entitled « cbeasyweb ». This means that the transaction was made through the payment site. In reality, it is a French company, EasyPayWeb specializing in multimedia transactions. The company offers security for financial transactions. She collaborates with many websites.

Unable to trace the online purchase that was made. On your statements, you will only see the name of cbeasyweb. However, it is possible to go to the company’s website to do a thorough search. Enter your banking and personal information. A query is then launched to determine the site that recorded your payment.

Who is Easypayweb?

Easypayweb is on the site published by the company 2lmultimedia which is based at the following address: ZAE La Bouvarde – 74370 EPAGNY METZ-TESSY.

Easypayweb is a banking transaction management software that manages payments made on the following sites:


By going to their site, there is a tool that will allow you to search for transactions using your credit card number.

cb transaction searches on easypayweb

The solutions to stop the purchase payment cbeasyweb

Do you want to stop the next cbeasyweb payments? It is possible to put an end to the transactions, even if the process turns out to be quite complicated. Indeed, the general conditions of sale are signed electronically. You also have to respect the cooling-off period. It is more difficult to act when this is exceeded.

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To stop the cb easyweb payment, go to the website where the payment was made. Claim the termination of the service. Payments should then be stopped. At first, send an email via the contact form of the site on which you made the payment and if after a few days, you still have no answer, do not hesitate to call them. If they do not have a telephone line, there remains the possibility of sending them a letter with acknowledgment of receipt asking them to stop the cbeasyweb direct debit.

The other, more radical solution is to go to your bank. Block your bank card by making an opposition. This will effectively stop the next transactions and therefore no longer any risk of direct debit. This is still the safest way and which requires the least steps to stop the monthly debits.

In case of problems, you can absolutely contact the company EasyPayWeb. In the event of difficulties relating to payments, the company remains available by telephone or email.
Nevertheless, before contacting EasyPayWeb, it is preferable to deal with the offending sites. Indeed, the company is not held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions of sale and does not manage commercial disputes.

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EasyPayWeb contact details

If you were unable to directly contact the site where you made this payment, you should contact the customer service ofEasypayweb either by email at the following address or by telephone on 08 99 240 323 (1.35 euro per call then 0.34 cts per min).

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