Why does my bank refuse my payment on the Internet?

Thanks to your credit card, you can easily make online purchases. And this, free and secure. However, there are problems with payment on the Internet. You don’t need to be overdrawn on your account for your payment to be declined. For what reasons can a transaction be cancelled? Why does your credit card not pass on the Internet? We take stock.

Bank card that refuses online payments

Credit cards can have the « remote purchase » function blocked in order to avoid credit card fraud. To be able to transact online, ask your bank to unlock access. The procedure is free of charge (unless there is a bad surprise, etc.) and can be done immediately. Ask your bank adviser to establish this formality.

When you order a new card from your bank, ask if the function is lifted.

Your bank card can also be capped, that is to say that it is blocked beyond a certain amount. This can happen if you have to make a big purchase (plane ticket, travel…). Your bank will uncap your credit card on request. Please note that the process may be charged.

Online payment refused, the checks to be carried out

Before alarming you, it is advisable to carry out some checks. Make sure you have entered the credit card number, as well as the expiry date. Visa and MasterCard cards are also equipped with a three-digit security code. This is on the back of the credit card. Did you enter the correct combination?

Also be aware that some credit cards query the balance of your bank account. In this case, we speak of a card with systematic authorization. As a security measure and in the event of an overdraft, a purchase on the Internet may thus be refused to you.

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Finally, some merchant sites secure online payments by sending you an activation code by SMS. Make sure you have correctly entered your mobile phone number at your bank.

To remedy this problem of refused payment, contact your bank or the merchant site. Most often, online stores have a dedicated area for customers or a hotline.

Good to know, the credit card is not the only means of payment accepted by e-commerce. Most of the time, it is possible to pay for purchases by Paypal, by bank transfer or by check.

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