Lose 10 kg in 1 week: how to do it?

Need to lose weight in record time? For a particular event or a special occasion such as a wedding or a gala, do you want to lighten yourself by 10 kg? How to lose several pounds in seven days? We give you all our tips for losing weight quickly and making a success of your express diet. Food rebalancing in a week is possible! And this, without putting your health at risk.

Completely review your consumption habits

To lose weight quickly, it is necessary to review your consumption and eating habits. Do not eliminate the three meals of the day, not counting the snack. But, if you are a fan of snacking, make this bad habit disappear.

In your fridge, choose foods that do not make you fat. If you want to put all the chances on your side, buy fruits and vegetables, fish and white meat. Forget sweets, chocolate and other delicacies as well as all caloric products. Beef, for example, is very high in calories. Cheese and bread should be eaten in moderation.

Adopt a certain rigor in order to avoid food cracking! The snack will be taken at a fixed time, like all other meals. Avoid milk and cakes. Prefer fruit instead. The apple, for example, acts as an appetite suppressant. You can also eat yogurt, provided it is plain.

A healthy lifestyle

To be effective, your express diet should not be a source of stress. Sure, you’re pressed for time, but anxiety won’t help you lose weight. On the contrary, anxiety is the worst ally of weight loss.

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Be calm and avoid putting pressure on yourself. This does not prevent you from being motivated!

Alongside your diet, adopt a healthy lifestyle by properly hydrating yourself and getting a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand, be sure to offer yourself moments of relaxation. Relax with a massage, for example.

Sports activity to lose weight

Practicing a daily sporting activity will keep you in shape. Combine your express diet with a sport. And no need to go for a run at the gym. Walking, for example, is good for the body.

Every day, whatever the weather, walk at least half an hour. Take advantage of every opportunity to exercise your legs.

To go further, you can also practice gym or fitness exercises. Videos on the Internet show you very simple gestures to keep in shape.

Keeping your mind busy so you don’t think about food

Focusing on food will not make you lose weight faster. On the contrary ! To avoid thinking about the contents of your fridge and your cupboards, keep your mind busy!

Set up parries. When you feel hungry, step away from the kitchen and go about your business. Go outside or practice an activity that has nothing to do with gastronomy (reading, shopping, surfing the Internet, etc.).

In case of proven hunger, with gurgles, do not throw yourself on the candy packet or the children’s cakes. Prepare raw vegetable sticks, for example.

Track food gaps

It’s hard to stick to a diet when the temptation is great. However, your weight loss should not isolate you from the rest of the world. Continue to enjoy meals with family or friends. Go out to a restaurant for lunch.

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Talk about it around you so that your loved ones can support you in your food rebalancing. They will better understand your drastic changes in food.

At the table, stick to your basic menus. Avoid dishes with sauce and play on the quantities.

And if under pressure, you end up falling for a pastry or a piece of beef, don’t feel guilty! On the other hand, take all the measures so that your deviation does not happen again. Keep your new eating habits and draw the conclusions of your crack by reorganizing your habits if necessary (meal times, absence of snacks, etc.).

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