Narrow lumbar canal: natural treatments

The narrow lumbar canal affects one in a thousand people every year. And the first concerned are people around their sixties, generally men who exercise so-called high-risk professions. However, there are many very varied causes explaining the occurrence of this disease, also called cauda equina syndrome. In this article, find out what a narrow spinal canal really is, its possible causes, and its symptoms. And there are also natural solutions to overcome this syndrome. Discover all the alternative medicines, the good gestures to apply on a daily basis as well as the tips for recovery. All you need to know about natural remedies for a narrow spinal canal.

What is a narrow lumbar canal?

We talk about narrow lumbar canal syndrome, commonly called cauda equina syndrome. This evil concerns one person in 1000 in France, each year. The narrow lumbar canal is also called the narrowed spinal canal, lumbar canal stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal syndrome.

Whatever its name, the syndrome corresponds to the narrowing of the cavity located in the center of the lumbar vertebrae in which the lumbar nerve roots run. The decrease in the diameter of the lumbar spinal canal results from the increase in one or more elements that compose it (intervertebral disc, posterior joint, etc.), unless the syndrome has been present since birth.

Normally the nerve roots are free in the lumbar canal. In case of compression of it, there may be cauda equina syndrome. Below 13 mm inside diameter from front to back of the channel, it is considered that there is narrowing. Usually the diameter is more than 15mm.

Frequently, the narrow lumbar canal occurs during an osteoarthritic mechanism. Symptoms most often appear around the age of 60. And men as well as people carrying out a risky professional activity (mason, machine operator, etc.) are the most exposed.

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Although varied, the signs of the narrow lumbar canal are not deceiving, especially if they are related to each other.

Here are the main symptoms:

  • repeated episodes of low back pain or sciatica;
  • discomfort associating pain in the thighs, calves with walking. The person is obliged to stop after a few meters;
  • pain in the buttocks and perineum;
  • muscle weakness and fatigue;
  • ants in the legs;
  • then, at an advanced stage, anesthesia of the limbs and perineum, difficulty in urinating and defecating, incontinence and retention of urine;
  • and other signs may appear in isolation: frigidity, reduction in the volume of the thigh or calf, transient erection when walking, impotence and ejaculation disorder, reduced sensations of urination or defecation, anesthesia of the anus or genitals, pain with hyperextension of the back.

The diagnosis of the disease is made by the radiologist or the rheumatologist when infiltrations are necessary. This is a clinical examination. Imaging then confirms the diagnosis and rules out other pathologies with similar signs. The examination also makes it possible to specify the nature of the narrowing.

The causes

The narrow lumbar canal can result from various and varied causes:

  • congenital stenosis linked to thickening of certain vertebral regions. It is only revealed later in the event of osteoarthritis or in the presence of an aggravating disease;
  • sliding of one lumbar vertebra over another. this is called spondylolisthesis;
  • a herniated disc;
  • broken bones;
  • vertebral compression;
  • osteoarthritis. This is the most common cause;
  • hypertrophy of the yellow ligaments;
  • excess fat in the lumbar canal;
  • an exaggeration of the lumbar arch (hyperlordosis);
  • reckless efforts on the back (DIY, moving, etc.);
  • abscess and infections;
  • dwarfism;
  • a bone disease such as Paget’s disease;
  • benign tumors;
  • an endocrine disorder (acromegaly);
  • angiomas;
  • radiotherapy;
  • cancer (primary, metastases);
  • AIDS ;
  • hematomas;
  • bone cancer…
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Natural treatments for narrow spinal canal

The position of the caddy

By adopting the so-called caddy position, you will reduce the symptoms associated with a narrow lumbar canal. The posture consists of walking leaning forward, just as if you were pushing a shopping cart.

The right reflexes to adopt

It is advisable to act on the exposure factors when the disease is not congenital. Avoid carrying heavy loads, the position in hyper extension in the context of your professional activities, the practice of certain sports, excess weight in the abdomen…


In first intention, it is necessary to observe a rest in lying position.


Physiotherapy sessions can be beneficial in case of cauda equina syndrome. The physiotherapist will make you practice rehabilitation exercises. This will involve learning a position in kyphosis.

wear a corset

To limit the exaggeration of the lumbar arch, you can resort to wearing a lombostat. This is a rigid corset.

Natural medicines

Several natural methods can help you better live with narrow lumbar canal syndrome. Among them, relaxation, psychotherapy, massages or acupuncture. By using these natural treatments, you will reduce pain-related symptoms.


On the other hand, it may be wise to consult an osteopath who will release the compressed area through selective lumbar manipulation. Osteopathy can also lift muscle contractures responsible for lower back pain.

Group physical exercises

Since it is a chronic condition, you can practice group physical exercises. It is an effective method for consolidating the functional result obtained after physiotherapy rehabilitation based on stretching and muscle strengthening.

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